Saturday, July 28, 2012

NEW YouTube Video- Makeup for Hooded Eyes!

Hey everyone! I did my FIRST Youtube tutorial ever today! :) The tutorial begins at 2:03 if you want to skip the instructional part and intro. Anyway this is a video for all my hooded eye sisters or anyone looking to create a SIMPLE smokey eye! This video utilizes a gradient method of doing smokey eyes- the colors change from gold to brown to black, and it's super pretty. It's great for hooded eye girls because all the colors fade into one another and work horizontally across the lid with smokiness in the Outer V as opposed to working vertically with one color on the lid and another in the crease, which doesn't work as well on hooded eyes because the mobile lid won't be readily visible anyway. Anyway I hope you all enjoy, and please comment, rate, and subscribe <3

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My MAC Lipstick Collection!

Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing with you my humble MAC lipstick collection. It's been quite a feat for me to gather all these lipsticks over the past couple of years, although by YouTube standards it's baby-sized. However, I have 15 lipsticks and I have great pictures for you and swatches.

My video! Click if you want to see live lip swatches as well as pictures in natural light (which are not going to be in this blog post)

(Milan Mode)

MAC Rubywoo

MAC Girl About Town

MAC Rebel

 MAC Viva Glam V

MAC Lady Danger

MAC Viva Glam Nicki

MAC Up the Amp

MAC Vegas Volt

MAC Pink Nouveau

 How I like to wear it: Paired with Kat Von D Backstage Bambi Lipstick (used to fill in outer edges)

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi

How I like to wear it: Paired with Kat Von D Hellbent lipstick (used to fill in outer edges)

MAC Milan Mode

MAC Angel

How I like to wear it: Paired with Kat Von D Lolita lipstick (used to fill in outer edges)

MAC Cherish

How I like to wear it: Paired with MAC Whirl lipliner

 MAC Modesty

MAC Brave

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Sneak Preview...

of my Brandy Melville Overview! I'll be putting this video up on YouTube soon. It won't be of me trying on all the outfits (although I could possibly do that if you requested it). What it will be is me going through all my Brandy stuff (about 40 pieces at the moment) on a clothing rack and showing you the different kinds of styles and pieces you can find at Brandy! I want to discuss the brand quality and my experiences with customer service and the clothes themselves. If it doesn't fit in the video it will of course go in the blog post that will accompany it. I hope you guys like this snippet! Much more to come soon :)

xoxo, Kat