Friday, April 27, 2012

Beauty and Style Icon of the Moment- Miley Cyrus

Lately Miley Cyrus has been on fire with her beauty and style picks on the red carpet. I use the term lately loosely- it's been really more like the past 2 years. But in recent days she's gotten a lot of attention due to her ultra glamorous Hollywood-esque look at the Oscars 2012 afterparty and at her man, Liam Hemsworth's, Hunger Games premiere.

What makes her look? Though she changes it up quite a bit, you'll find that there are always a few constants: gorgeous tanned skin, sunkissed highlights (I'm including her ombre hair), lush lashes, and gorgeous really filled in, well-defined brows.

Even though her hair length and color change throughout the pictures they all somehow flatter her incredibly well. Look on as I go through some of Miley Cyrus' most iconic looks (and at only 19 years old!).

Join me in congratulating Cyrus on truly coming into her own! :) Her style can take on laidback sexy bohemian, hollywood glamour, and classic elegance and somehow always seem appropriate. Here's to you Miley!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ardell 105 Lashes

Recently I tried the Ardell 105 Lashes. At this point, you may be wondering my process in choosing lashes- how do I know what to try? Well, the truth is, I go based off of YouTube research. In a lot of the videos I watch, the girls (or guys) will put on a pair of false lashes to complete the look, and when I see lashes I think look beautiful on other people, I make a mental note to try them myself. This lash is popular on YouTube, favored especially by SMLx0. It's a very delicate lash, with very finely cut lashes that splay out to produce a long doll-like look in the box. This lash never particularly appealed to me on it's own. However, when trying it on I found that I absolutely love this lash. In fact, it's my favorite only after the Ardell Demi Wispies. It looks subtle on, and yet still gives you that perfect lash look. It makes your eyes look pretty and alluring, and I think the length is gorgeous. It gives a nice curve to the lashes, so when you look down or if someone sees you from the side it's very striking. I got these from my local Ulta for $3.99, and I will definitely be going back for more.