Monday, May 21, 2012

My Senior Boat Cruise- The Dress, The Hair, The Makeup

 Getting ready

 In the car :) 

 Awkward looking the wrong way pic! But I like it so I included it here :) 

Pretty bun made of swirlyness

Hair: Teased and textured poof with a gorgeous bun (done by my friend Katherine Deleon)
Makeup: Neutral Smokey Eye, full lashes (Velour Lash in the City), defined brows, nice skin, bronzey/pinky cheeks, mauvey lips
Dress: Custom, Dark Pony Designs (can be found on Etsy)

All: Inspired by Miley Cyrus

Admittedly, Miley Cyrus' look was way more glam meets rock chick then mine, which is kind of what I was going for. Also her gorgeous bronzey tan sets off the look completely. However because my skin is highly sensitive it reacted badly to fake tan, and as you saw in my previous post my skin on my forehead was recovering from a terrible rash/irritation already so I couldn't take chance aggravating it further. And if I could go back in time I would want my poof more textured and wavy and my bun more messy. Also Miley's dress itself was a lot more champagney and rosegold-y colored then mine :( But when you buy off Etsy you have to take a chance on colors... :( Overall though I think my look came together. I would alter parts of it but given how rushed I was the day of, I did alright.

I used this video to help do my makeup. Brett Freedman who is in this video, is the person actually responsible for Miley's makeup the day of :) I didn't copy it exactly but it was pretty close, with a few additions/changes from me:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I got my brows threaded!- Review of Himalayan Eyebrow Threading Salon (Manhattan Location)

Hi everyone! Today I'm coming to you with a super exciting post! I took the plunge and got my eyebrows threaded. I have had such a nightmare of an eyebrow journey... it started since puberty I suppose. Naturally I have pretty full brows, and when I was younger (think teens) I had no idea what to do with them. I kind of just let them be scary and unshaped and a mess. Then I started tweezing (oy) and that turned into a nightmare. Ladies and gentlemen, we had a serious case of overplucking.

Awkward. [Excuse the poor quality]

I definitely stopped plucking my brows so horrifically thin towards the end of freshman year of college, but because I just did not like the shape of my natural brows, I started literally plucking off the ends so I could reshape them the way I wanted to. My ends curve downwards a lot and I just prefer more of a straight brow. Still with an arch but just not so... down. 

Anyway, so finally when I literally looked like I had half eyebrows and had friends ask me what was happening to my eyebrows after a day at the pool when I realized in horror that the ends had basically washed off, I realized eventually I would have to start growing them back. I got the motivation a couple months ago when my cousin came to my grandma's house with well-shaped brows and told me she had got hers threaded. I decided I would grow out my brows, and get them threaded too. So I did! I had a few pitstops in the way, such as graduation pictures in which I just had to pluck strays, so they would have been somewhat fuller by now had I completely left them alone, but after 2 months I figured the time was right. I have my graduation next week along with 2 Senior events, so I wanted nice brows for the occasion.

My brows before: The ends are still there-ish (my better brow, with the other one I take the end completely off) but the brow shape leaves something to be desired

I did a good job of filling them in didn't I? :)

When I looked for a place to get them done, I decided not to go to my cousin's place, because even though her brows looked nice I wanted a place that was revered for getting them just right. I found my place on Yelp.

This place got great reviews, especially referencing Pinky. I went a week ago and Pinky wasn't there, so I decided to come this week instead and hope for Pinky. Ironically if she was there, she's not the one who did my brows! (Though I didn't ask this time- I felt foolish? I don't know.) I got Shazia instead, which I wasn't too bothered about because she's also said to do good work (though not referenced as much as Pinky!). I showed her what I wanted and told her I knew my brows were still pretty sparse so if she could to just come as close as possible to the picture. She was very sweet and said she'd try. Speaking of sweet, every person there was really nice, and not in that fake salon way where they all kiss your ass- they were really nice and pleasant, the ladies and the cool asian guy at the register. He was a nice dude! He told me he was surprised to hear it was my first time and that my brows were really nice! :D I was quite pleased, as I spend a lot of time filling in my brows, but I divulged this fact to him and told him he would see when the makeup came off haha. In terms of aesthetic, the place isn't exactly ritzy. It's shared with a jewelry store and I think a couple other floors within a building. I walked right past it the first time around the block- the only sign indicating it is this, right next to the jewelry store door:

The place is on the second floor, really easy to see once you get up there. Anyway, getting back to my actual threading experience, here are the pictures I showed her:

I knew it was quite a stretch, considering the state of my brows. 

This is what I gave her to work with:
Ay. Not pretty. Also, even though theyre quite thick and full they're still somehow sparse. Right?! See what I mean? [Also sorry for the quality and lighting- I was in a bathroom at school when I took these pics, w/o flash]

Anyway, I told her how nervous I was and asked whether it would hurt and she told me no not much, and that plucking mustache hairs hurt but brow hairs wasn't too bad. Haha. She was very nice and humored me when I gasped "WAIT NO! I'M NOT READY YET! PLEASE!!" and smiled and let me breathe. Then I said okay and she threaded 1 stray hair in a quick and agile motion and told me "This is what it feels like. It's not so bad right?" And it really wasn't. So I told her okay and gamely laid back and closed my eyes while she began the process. In the beginning it was alright- not too bad at all. But when she got to the underside of the brows BOY DID THAT HURT!!! It really did. It wasn't as painful as I was scared it would be, as I had heard horror stories from some friends and my cousin warned me to take painkillers beforehand. I think next time I will, but still it wasn't like 10 minutes in the chambers of Hell. It was just painful. But nothing anyone couldn't handle. It was just definitely painful. Haha! So she showed me one brow when it was done and I quite liked it! She explained to me that since I had some sparse hairs that still hadn't grown back from overplucking that she couldn't make it a straight line like she would want but to let it grow and when I came back she would fix it up :) I thanked her and told her I understood and agreed. She moved onto the next brow. For a portion of the time I helped her by holding my mobile lid down and keeping the skin above my brow taut. It's really not a big deal, I for some reason thought this would be some technical challenge that would throw me into a state of incompetence and disarray. Basically, I'm dramatic.

When it was all over I was excited to look in the mirror. But when I did to be honest I was very unhappy :( The brows don't really match each other, and they look worse then I did when I came in, although more groomed individually. But in looking at my face as a whole it makes my face look worse. The dude at the register looked kind of shocked when he saw me afterwards, having said my brows look so nice before. But he quickly tried to knock that expression of his face... it did kind of amplify my inner feelings though, seeing that even he was surprised.

Ugh, sorry about the horrible red bump! Threading irritates your skin, but it goes away after a couple days.

 Left Eye

Right Eye

Face pics (prepare yourself, I think it looks a bit weird):

 Pre-threading, and post-threading^. In a weird way I feel like the pre-threading compliments my face more... even though it is a mess. Afterwards the brows look so different to me... I know they're supposed to be sisters, not twins but I don't know, hoped they would be more complementary to one another

 How it looks without filling in (it's bumpy near my brows and even on my Forehead... not sure if the threading aggravated my face or what, it's weird that there are bumps all the way up top, I think a couple could just be blemishes but some are caused by the threading)

How it measures up to the pictures I showed her:

 Before threading, after, and Hilary Duff's brow inspiration

 Before threading, after, and Katy Perry's brow inspiration

Me vs. Katy! Mine definitely look more similar to Hilary's then hers, but I don't think they're totally opposites. Hers are also, more delicate and more angled outwards. I love them so much...wish mine looked like that! This is why I just plucked the ends off, because it gave me the freedom to draw my brows that way. Obviously hers and Hilarys are extended with pencil and filled in, because they go out so far and you can't really even see the hairs there, which means it's drawn on skin. So I don't know... But I shouldn't go back to my old plucking habits! I don't think anyway. Should I? :x

Bottom Line: In terms of my experience at Himalayan Eyebrow Threading Salon, I'm not thrilled with how they look on their own. It did hurt but she was fairly gentle.  The cost of threading was $7 and I left a $1 tip. Not sure if most people tip, but I did! They also gave me a coupon to get $2 off any $10 service. The place is no muss, no fuss, no extras, but it gets the job done. I'm not really that happy.


Update: I have sustained serious skin irritation from the threading... these bumps are really inflamed, and they hurt a lot :( I have to buy witch hazel to clean them, aloe vera to heal them, and anti-bacterial ointment because the inflammations means they could be infected.

Next Day Update: The bumps have gotten even worse. Now they're like angry red weals, completely covering in between my eyebrows and all over my forehead... I don't know why they do that. Why do they thread between your brows? It's not like I had a unibrow, I didn't even think I had hair there. I don't feel like they threaded as high up as the bumps go but I had my eyes close. It's either a horrible reaction because I have sensitive skin or it's an allergic reaction to something they used. I just spent the last twenty minutes crying over this because it hurts so much and it's painful and itchy and really really sensitive, and I look like a freak. I spent my whole day today with my head down and it feels so awful not to be able to even look around like a normal person. I bought witch hazel and aloe vera and neosporin and treated it like the websites say, and I'm seeing the dermatologist tomorrow. In a week I have a whole bunch of Senior events coming up and my Graduation Ceremony... I'm so scared it won't get better by then. It's really bad. :'(

I know I look pretty bad here but I'm feeling horrible at the moment and not exactly trying to focus on looking cute (as it's literally impossible). :(

I just wanted to warn everyone about the possible effects of threading, which you should be wary of especially if you have sensitive skin. Also I'm not sure if it's Himalayan's fault or what but I'm not going back there again. I don't think I'll ever thread my brows again, it just doesn't seem like something that's good for me.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's my 100th Blog Post...Post! & Velour Lashes Lash in the City Review

My 100th blog post! Wow this is such a milestone... I can't believe it :) I'm so happy to be writing this blog, because I truly do love every minute of it. Although getting viewership and followers is of course something every blogger wants, it has always been first and foremost about the writing and content for me. I love writing Buzzed for Beauty so much, and I can't believe I'm really writing my 100th blog post. I'm getting all choked up :) Thank you, yes you, you reading this right now. I'm so glad you're here looking at my blog and reading my words. Thank you again.

 Now that THAT teary-eyed moment is out of the way, let's get onto what we're all here for- beauty goodies!

I have for you all today the Velour Lashes "Lash in the City" false lashes. I mentioned in my earlier blog post in which I review the "Oops Naughty Me" pair of lashes that it was just a bit too overwhelming and brambly for my personal taste and that I'd be exchanging it for Lash in the City, and so I have. I really could not be happier with this lash, I think it's just perfect. I'm wearing it in the picture above^ and it is a beautiful thick lash that gives you tons of flutter and makes your eyes look huge. It adds a completely new level to your eye makeup and just gives you the most glamorous look ever. Though I usually like to be comfy and cute over super sexy, I definitely do have those occasions or days/nights when I just feel like dressing it up, and this lash is perfect for that.

The price of this lash is $34.99, slashed from $64.99. About all the lashes are at half-price and have been that way for months now so I'm thinking that might just be the price of the lashes. I think the reason they're calling it a promotion though is because they might be waiting for the lashes to get really popular and then hike it back up to regular price. Yikes! Let's hope that's not the case. The reason for the high price tag is the quality of the lashes, which is fantastic. These can be worn at least 25 times, whereas typical lashes can be worn max about 5 times. Also, the lashes are made of mink fur, which is a celebrity craze these days- but don't worry, the lashes are cruelty free. The way they acquire the lashes is by brushing the minks and using the loose hairs for the lashes :) Isn't that sweet? Here is the link for anyone interesting in buying a pair of these bad boys!

Pictures of the lashes and packaging:

 Gorgeous aren't they?

The lash on the left is to show how much I needed to cut in order to trim the lash to fit my eye. I think I probably trimmed a little more then that, but took the picture prematurely. These lashes come reallyyyy long, basically. Not a bad thing! Though it does make my eye feel tiny having to cut so much off haha. Feels like a bit of a waste to get all that luxurious lash and have to cut off such a sizable chunk of it.

Velour Lashes on:

 The curve to these lashes is really pretty

LOL sorry for being on the phone guys! It was just for a brief second haha

In natural light:

Up close and personal guys... yikes

Eye Close-up:

Yay! So there it is guys, the Velour Lashes in "Lash in the City". Hopefully you like them as much as I do, and yay again for my 100th blog post!