Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's my 100th Blog Post...Post! & Velour Lashes Lash in the City Review

My 100th blog post! Wow this is such a milestone... I can't believe it :) I'm so happy to be writing this blog, because I truly do love every minute of it. Although getting viewership and followers is of course something every blogger wants, it has always been first and foremost about the writing and content for me. I love writing Buzzed for Beauty so much, and I can't believe I'm really writing my 100th blog post. I'm getting all choked up :) Thank you, yes you, you reading this right now. I'm so glad you're here looking at my blog and reading my words. Thank you again.

 Now that THAT teary-eyed moment is out of the way, let's get onto what we're all here for- beauty goodies!

I have for you all today the Velour Lashes "Lash in the City" false lashes. I mentioned in my earlier blog post in which I review the "Oops Naughty Me" pair of lashes that it was just a bit too overwhelming and brambly for my personal taste and that I'd be exchanging it for Lash in the City, and so I have. I really could not be happier with this lash, I think it's just perfect. I'm wearing it in the picture above^ and it is a beautiful thick lash that gives you tons of flutter and makes your eyes look huge. It adds a completely new level to your eye makeup and just gives you the most glamorous look ever. Though I usually like to be comfy and cute over super sexy, I definitely do have those occasions or days/nights when I just feel like dressing it up, and this lash is perfect for that.

The price of this lash is $34.99, slashed from $64.99. About all the lashes are at half-price and have been that way for months now so I'm thinking that might just be the price of the lashes. I think the reason they're calling it a promotion though is because they might be waiting for the lashes to get really popular and then hike it back up to regular price. Yikes! Let's hope that's not the case. The reason for the high price tag is the quality of the lashes, which is fantastic. These can be worn at least 25 times, whereas typical lashes can be worn max about 5 times. Also, the lashes are made of mink fur, which is a celebrity craze these days- but don't worry, the lashes are cruelty free. The way they acquire the lashes is by brushing the minks and using the loose hairs for the lashes :) Isn't that sweet? Here is the link for anyone interesting in buying a pair of these bad boys! www.velourlashes.com

Pictures of the lashes and packaging:

 Gorgeous aren't they?

The lash on the left is to show how much I needed to cut in order to trim the lash to fit my eye. I think I probably trimmed a little more then that, but took the picture prematurely. These lashes come reallyyyy long, basically. Not a bad thing! Though it does make my eye feel tiny having to cut so much off haha. Feels like a bit of a waste to get all that luxurious lash and have to cut off such a sizable chunk of it.

Velour Lashes on:

 The curve to these lashes is really pretty

LOL sorry for being on the phone guys! It was just for a brief second haha

In natural light:

Up close and personal guys... yikes

Eye Close-up:

Yay! So there it is guys, the Velour Lashes in "Lash in the City". Hopefully you like them as much as I do, and yay again for my 100th blog post!


  1. Congrats for your 100th post sweetheart!!! I love reading you.
    These lashes are simply gorgeous!!!! They look very silky and natural, but honestly I don't know if I would have splurged on falsies. Anyway, you're awesome with these on!!!
    BTW: I love you gorgeous, shiny, black hair!!!!
    Do you dye your hair? If so, what do you use for it?
    Take care,

  2. love the lashes! great post =]

  3. Congrats on the 100th post! I definitely prefer these to the other ones you initially tried and returned, they're so glamorous!

  4. Those lashes are amazing!!

    Lovely blog, now following! :)

    Please check out mine if you can:



  5. Wow I want those lashes! They suit you really well too.

    Your blogs fab, I'm now a follower, would be great if you could check out mine!