Friday, December 30, 2011

My Night Out!

I went out to have dinner with my friend Atom yesterday and decided to glam things up! Here are a few rare pictures of me without glasses :)

Urban Decay Blackout, Urban Decay Creep, Urban Decay Buck, Urban Decay Naked
Maybelline Colossal Lash Mascara
Urban Decay Zero Eyeliner

Ardell Demi 101 False Lashes

MAC Whirl Lipliner
MAC Cherish Lipstick

Graftobian Creme HD Foundation
NARS Casino Bronzer, Super Orgasm Blush
Laura Gellar Portofino Highlighter
Laura Mercier Setting Powder

MAC and Sephora Haul!

I consider this to be a big haul because I spent $60 -cries-. However, most of you probably will consider it to be small since there are only 5 items, and we've all been jaded by those girls who put up a haul and have like 20+ items... yeah. That's not me!

I went out the other night to Sephora because my sister's lovely girlfriend Adrienne had given me a $20 Sephora giftcard a neighbor had given her,and she generously thought of me! :D Thanks Adrienne! So off I went, and I conservatively, ended up just getting these 2 things because I knew I'd be headed to MAC afterwards.

Without further ado, here are a few HUGE closeups of my precious Sephora purchases! :)

How beautiful is that lipgloss?

Benefit So Frisk Me Lipgloss $18:  It still bowls me over now, and it's been a few days. I absolutely love it. It's this gorgeous pink with shimmer and the sparkle is phenomenal, you can really see it on the lips. The wear feels amazing, it is not sticky at all!! It just feels nice. It's not one of those cold thin glosses, and it's not a goopy sticky lips-glued-together gloss. It's just a nice comforting gloss that feels like it's moisturizing your lips. I love this gloss! So happy I got it :) Thanks Adrienne!

Bare Escentuals Nude Beach Loose Eyeshadow $13: I have been wanting this for months now. I've seen it used in Pixi2woo's videos, Pinksofoxy, and a number of other gurus. It's just a gorgeous sand-colored shadow that seems to give a lot of shimmer and light, and brightens up any look. I haven't used it yet but I know I won't be disappointed!

Next up... MAC!

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline $15: FINALLY I got on the bandwagon with this. The thing is, I'm awful at doing it :( I don't know if it's the brush I bought (the angled liner brush from Sonia Kashuk- Target) but my hand is all shaky and wobbly. :'( Practice makes perfect?
MAC Cherish Lipstick $14.50: I actually really love this lipstick. It's a nice warm nudey browny color, and it looks fantastic with the lipliner I bought!
MAC Whirl Lipliner $14: I'm so in love with this pencil. As weird as it sounds, it might be the best thing I bought. I use it with everything now: my MAC Modesty lipstick, MAC Angel lipstick, MAC Cherish, even with the benefit gloss. I love the depth it gives to my lips. I just fill in the outer edges of my lips with this and it makes them look so much fuller. I love wearing it with MAC Angel because Angel is just way too bubblegum light frosty pink for me on it's own, and I really like pairing it with a darker pinky brown color on the outer realms to give it a different look. :) In love!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

False Lash Close-up

First let me just start by acknowledging that I am absolutely horrible at putting on false lashes. Now that that's out of the way, I can go on to say that doesn't stop me from loving them! I absolute love false lashes, they are so gorgeous. Unfortunately a lot of times for some reason false lashes look more glamorous in the package then they do on my eyes. The only lashes I've found thus far that I really like are Ardell Demi Wispies. They look kind of crazy in the package (although not as crazy as the regular Wispies which are huge) but they really flatter the eye. So my lovely friend Kristina bought me two pairs of lashes for Christmas <3:

Gorgeous, right? Unfortunately I think this is another case in which I think the lashes look better in the package then on me. I put together this "lash comparison" to help you see what they really look like on. Note, with the Demi's I definitely did a bad job applying, the inner corners are lifted up. That aside, look on:

What do you think? 

I get by with a little help from my friends

I got really lovely gifts from my friends Kin and Kristina this Christmas :) I'm lucky to have them as friends. Here's my small friend haul! <3

 Can you guess what this is?! :D

 The Urban Decay 15 Year Palette, Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss sample, and two pairs of Ardell False Lashes! 

 Excuse the fingerprints! It really does get noticeable.


I'm so happy! Thank you guys! Can't wait to do future tutorials and LOTDs with these gifts. It's a very beautiful Christmas :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Small Haul!

Hello world! :) I'm back after a bit of an absence and I have for you a small haul, only three items. I really love every single piece in this haul, and I would say they're all essential/basic clothing items.

Brandy Melville:
Brandy Melville was having 20% off 2 Fridays ago for their 1st Birthday! I had to stop in, and I picked up two things:
Black Fitted Tank/Cami $12
Cream Knit Sweater $48

I believe those were the prices before the 20% off, and after it was around $46. Not bad.

Forever 21:
Silver sequin mini-skirt $22.80

Look at that gorgeous shine! I'm definitely wearing that mini for New Year's Eve, and it fits spectacularly :) Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


So here's a before/after I did today! Every day for me is a before/after haha, for every girl it kind of is. But it was fun taking a picture of my bare naked face and then doing foundation, blush, lip color, etc. and looking at the difference.

I know this picture might support some guy's idea that makeup is unfair because it completely hides what a girl really looks like. And to tell the truth, they're right- some girls are SO good with their makeup and do so many tricks and techniques, that it really can completely alter their appearance. But for most of us makeup just allows us to look more presentable, polished, AND pretty.  I really don't care if people see my naked face. I'd prefer to wear makeup, but I'm not going to die without it. I think as long as you can have that happy medium and that balance, then you are perfectly fine. So guys, shut up. Everyone enjoy looking at this transformation haha!

Scary right? This one is obviously me at my absolute worst and me at my absolute best haha so don't take it too seriously. But it's interesting isn't it?

And finally, a picture of me with what I honestly believe is my closest doppelganger!
I know I'm kind of flattering myself by saying I look like Roxanne... she's freaking amazing haha. Seriously, she is the hotter one out of us. There's kind of a similarity though! Similar doggie noses :D