Friday, December 30, 2011

MAC and Sephora Haul!

I consider this to be a big haul because I spent $60 -cries-. However, most of you probably will consider it to be small since there are only 5 items, and we've all been jaded by those girls who put up a haul and have like 20+ items... yeah. That's not me!

I went out the other night to Sephora because my sister's lovely girlfriend Adrienne had given me a $20 Sephora giftcard a neighbor had given her,and she generously thought of me! :D Thanks Adrienne! So off I went, and I conservatively, ended up just getting these 2 things because I knew I'd be headed to MAC afterwards.

Without further ado, here are a few HUGE closeups of my precious Sephora purchases! :)

How beautiful is that lipgloss?

Benefit So Frisk Me Lipgloss $18:  It still bowls me over now, and it's been a few days. I absolutely love it. It's this gorgeous pink with shimmer and the sparkle is phenomenal, you can really see it on the lips. The wear feels amazing, it is not sticky at all!! It just feels nice. It's not one of those cold thin glosses, and it's not a goopy sticky lips-glued-together gloss. It's just a nice comforting gloss that feels like it's moisturizing your lips. I love this gloss! So happy I got it :) Thanks Adrienne!

Bare Escentuals Nude Beach Loose Eyeshadow $13: I have been wanting this for months now. I've seen it used in Pixi2woo's videos, Pinksofoxy, and a number of other gurus. It's just a gorgeous sand-colored shadow that seems to give a lot of shimmer and light, and brightens up any look. I haven't used it yet but I know I won't be disappointed!

Next up... MAC!

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline $15: FINALLY I got on the bandwagon with this. The thing is, I'm awful at doing it :( I don't know if it's the brush I bought (the angled liner brush from Sonia Kashuk- Target) but my hand is all shaky and wobbly. :'( Practice makes perfect?
MAC Cherish Lipstick $14.50: I actually really love this lipstick. It's a nice warm nudey browny color, and it looks fantastic with the lipliner I bought!
MAC Whirl Lipliner $14: I'm so in love with this pencil. As weird as it sounds, it might be the best thing I bought. I use it with everything now: my MAC Modesty lipstick, MAC Angel lipstick, MAC Cherish, even with the benefit gloss. I love the depth it gives to my lips. I just fill in the outer edges of my lips with this and it makes them look so much fuller. I love wearing it with MAC Angel because Angel is just way too bubblegum light frosty pink for me on it's own, and I really like pairing it with a darker pinky brown color on the outer realms to give it a different look. :) In love!


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