Sunday, December 18, 2011

Small Haul!

Hello world! :) I'm back after a bit of an absence and I have for you a small haul, only three items. I really love every single piece in this haul, and I would say they're all essential/basic clothing items.

Brandy Melville:
Brandy Melville was having 20% off 2 Fridays ago for their 1st Birthday! I had to stop in, and I picked up two things:
Black Fitted Tank/Cami $12
Cream Knit Sweater $48

I believe those were the prices before the 20% off, and after it was around $46. Not bad.

Forever 21:
Silver sequin mini-skirt $22.80

Look at that gorgeous shine! I'm definitely wearing that mini for New Year's Eve, and it fits spectacularly :) Happy Holidays everyone!

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