Monday, October 1, 2012

Cutepolish on YT

Hi everyone! It's been so long since I've just written a straight post, not in reference to my YouTube channel. I was motivated to come on here and share a YouTuber with you that you may know or you may not. The YouTuber in question is Cutepolish, and she does amazing nail polish videos. She is so creative and yet, despite how amazing the end result is, the steps really are all doable and easy. I don't mean easy the way most people do, when basically they mean, you can do it if you follow each step careful and maybe try a few times (at least that's usually what I have to slave away doing when I try to do something other people call "easy"). It's actually legitimately basic, it's just about putting the components together.

So, to give you an idea of some of her work, here are a few tutorials I can't wait to try:

I've already done the newspaper one and it turned out pretty cool! A bit sloppy but hey, that's how first tries go!

I painted one hand gray and the other white. For the gray hand I tried to mix a gray I bought called Rubber Cement by Sally Hansen with OPI's Alpine Snow to create a more realistic newspaper-y gray, but I think I needed to put way less gray :( Like, 80% white, 20% gray. Still it was cool to see the technique actually work and transfer the ink to my nail!

I hope you'll all check her out, she's incredibly talented :)

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