Saturday, November 10, 2012

[PIC- HEAVY] Eyeliner Versus No Eyeliner: How To Know Which To Pick?

Hi everyone! Today we're talking about something that we probably face every time we're uncertain about how to finish off our makeup looks: should I add eyeliner or not?

It may seem like a bit of a trivial or unimportant question, but it can actually make a huge different to the overall effect and end result of your look! In my video I stress these points:

Wearing no liner has a bit of a double effect. There are 2 possible end results you can achieve:

No. 1:
You will look more innocent, youthful, and wide-eyed. Those who are naturally beautiful will be able to wear, or not wear, whatever they want. However, this may also result in having less definition in your eye makeup and your eyes may end up looking more lackluster and everyday, which tends to be the case when I go without liner. I find that how good you look without eyeliner truly depends on your eye shape, eye color, and overall facial structure.  Those who have only certain features that pop or that they can make pop, i.e. with eyeliner, will find that adding makeup helps them to achieve a look that brings out their inner bombshell.

As you see here without shadow to help compensate, the bare look (even with false lashes, which I'm wearing here) makes me look a bit lackluster and just young.

But on Candice Swanepoel, who is gorgeous, the light shimmery makeup look can make her look even more beautiful and adorable.

Also on Miranda Kerr, of course.

Huge fluttery lashes with a bold color can look amazing, dressy, and so pretty if you have beautiful eyes!

Also, on Ke$ha a red lip and bare eye w/ liquid liner looks great, and is an exception to our general statement. She proves that innocent does not have to be the end result when it comes to no eyeliner-eye makeup.

No. 2:
The flip side of this is to have your shadow really played up to make the look really sultry and gorgeous. This can counter that sweet effect and make you look really amazing and a wee bit sexy!

Hilary Duff is famous for her smoky lower lash line look, which she rocks here without eyeliner, and later you'll see an example of her pairing it WITH liner as well.

Katy Perry looks dressy without liner here! She has a sharp angled dramatic smokey eye and great coral lips.

With a neutral smoky look, perfect brows, full fluttery mink lashes and a gorgeous nude lip Katy Perry looks amazing here, sans eyeliner.

Notice that Perry in the above Picture, and Sam from BeautyCrush both look amazing without liner and they both have beautiful eye colors, which lets them get away with that much more.

There is of course also the in between stage where you don't really smoke anything out but just do your makeup really well and compensate with lashes or a dark lip and it all comes together.

No. 3:
Expanding on the dark lip I mentioned above. I feel that with dark lips there is an exception to the rule, in that most people who rock a dark lip will look amazing almost certainly with more of a bare look paired with it. Here are some examples:

 Wearing liner has one effect: hot. That's why I like wearing it. It defines your eyes, it makes any look more smoky and it definitely draws attention. It's a go-to and a staple in my makeup wardrobe. The one downside is that people say it can make your eyes look smaller, but I think that unless you have really small eyes to begin with, it won't be noticeable or an issue.

Hilary rocking her trademark look, with liner this time.

Jessie J just looks fabulous here. I mean, come on.

Nic from pixiwoo rocks an incredible Cheryl Cole-inspired smokey eye, complete with liner of course!

Miley looking amazing, Oscars 2010 with a dramatic smokey eye complete with liner and lashes.

Hayden Panettiere looks smoldering with a brown, earthy liner and a reddy lip.

And finally, moi! Do I deserve to be with these greats? No, but it is a look of me with liner!

Anyway all, I hope this was really interesting for you to read! It was interesting the more I researched as I solidified my own theories and observations with real concrete photos and examples I found online, and in my own pictures. Thanks for reading! Please tune into my YouTube video to see even more examples!

 I'm running out the door right now but when I get a free moment I'll add credit for the pictures I used!

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