Friday, February 1, 2013

Brandy Melville & More | Cali Haul!

Hi everyone! I went to Cali recently and bought a few lovely items! So here's my photo haul :) Check out my YouTube video, linked all the way down below for the live action version of this, complete with amazing music!

Bree Top: $18 

Carlina Knit: $33 

Reese Scarf in Elm $30

Unsure of name: $56

Unsure of sweater name: $58

Side Cross Necklace $8

 Necklace w/ Metal Skull Beads $8

 Modelling my necklace!

Earrings $4

Earrings $4

Earring Set $14

Ring $4 - 5 

Rings $4 - 5 

Ring $4

Forever 21 Rings, $2.80 each, Brandy Melville Rings $5, 4, 5 

Walmart - Revlon Colorstay in Red Carpet $4.39

Walmart - French Toast in Red Carpet $4.39

Bracelet $5 

Orange Rapunzel Bracelet $6 

Contact Lens Case from Walmart Approx. $4 

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer $6 - Walmart

 Click me!!!!!!!


  1. Hello! I recently stumbled across your blog and it's great! I really appreciate the in-depth reviews and comments you give. I just wanted to ask if the washing instructions that brandy melville sent you in a previous post worked for their knitted sweaters and tops. I'm so afraid of washing mine (recently bought it during my trip to California). Do their clothes lose their softness or did their sweaters become ruined after you washed it the way BM rep suggested to do?

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