Sunday, April 7, 2013

Before/After - Total Honesty

Hi everyone. Thought I'd put together a little Before/After for you all to see. I feel like it will confirm whatever it is the person who sees this already thought about makeup prior to even looking at the picture. Either that makeup is a lie, or I looked way better before putting on makeup, or I look way better with makeup, or I'm disguising my face or making myself look like someone else with makeup. Either way I don't really care. I like this before after though, because I think it helped me realize things about myself. For example, even though the blemishes are much more apparent with a flawless face, there is something nice about seeing my natural skin. And my eyes also still look nice even without eyeliner, something I seriously doubted before. When I say nice, I just mean nice -- they have a kind quality and look bright even if not necessarily beautiful. The sparseness of my eyebrows is unfortunate, but oh well, c'est la vie. I think my made up face is much "prettier" and more feminine, but I admit that it looks a bit drag-ish almost next to my natural look. And also, the lashes -- they look a bit much and slightly unproportionate, but that's because one actually is longer then the other. I had to trim the front of one of the lashes because the hairs had literally fallen out and the seam had been compromised and was actually bent out of shape and completely irreparable... so yeah. Let me know what you think in a comment below!

The After Product:


  1. You look very pretty both ways :). I actually think the lashes look quite proportionate on your face.

  2. You look like Sabrina Vaz :)

  3. Well I think this is one of the most natural looks i have seen. U r right natural skin has a glow-like feeling of itself. but you have carried you look pretty well. for example, you have not over emphasized with a lot of blush or bronzer, the concealing is very subtle. not at all cakey. The contouring actually reflects your natural shades and more than anything else you have kept your foundation absolutely similar to you own skin tone. very good job