Monday, September 16, 2013

An Open Letter to Velour Lashes

Update: Velour responded to my email query in the following way. I received my replacement pair of lashes:

Hello Katherine,

First off, thank you so so much for being such a loyal customer to us  : ) We really do appreciate it and  I am so sorry to hear about your lashes. Please send over a picture of the lashes and I can get a replacement pair sent to you right away. Send over your shipping address as well. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Angela Tran 
Velour Lashes Inc. 
twitter: @velourlashes

Dear Velour Lashes,

Hi! My name is Katherine. I’m a very loyal ran of yours. I have been loving Velour lashes since early 2012, and have ordered at least 12 pairs of lashes from you by now, though realistically, the number falls around 15.

I have written blog posts featuring your lashes…

Oops Naughty Me

Lash in the City
And you have reposted my pictures and shared them with fans…

My boyfriend even bought me a pair of lashes for my birthday (or was it Christmas?) and you told him from seeing the name and address that you recognized me.

I have spent a lot of money doing business with you, because I absolutely adore your lashes, and have never stopped ordering, even with disappointing mishaps on my end, or when the lashes haven't lasted a full 25 wears.

For instance, last year, I ordered lashes in T-Dot-ohh from you, and Doll Me Up. I featured T-Dot-ohh in this tutorial on YouTube…

And a whole video on Lash in the City on my YouTube channel…

Anyway, though I ordered both T-Dot-ohh and Doll Me Up last year, I tragically somehow lost one of each lash, so that I was left with one of each, leaving me with an essentially useless pair of lashes (twice!).

After absorbing that loss for the past year or so, the timing felt right for me to order them again, so I ordered those recently, along with Lash in the City, which I always order without fault since they are my holy grail lashes, and I go through them very quickly J

My sister also decided to order me a pair of lashes I have never tried before but have been very interested in, “Hey Shawty,” which she surprised me with for Christmas. Tonight I decided to pop them on and wear them out. However, when I tried to remove the lashes from their casing things got very difficult. To remove them, I tried to follow the instructions I once heard so long ago from YouTube guru Petrilude on how to properly remove false lashes from their packaging (a method I always use without fault). 

After opening the box and admiring the beautiful and full set of lashes, I gulped and began applying pressure to the lashes and firmly but gently tried pulling them away from their casing - but the lashes wouldn’t move.

I couldn’t understanding how this was happening, so I tried, ever more firmly but still gently (to preserve the lashes and shape) to tug them away from their casing. However, I quickly began to realize the glue attaching the lashes to their case was too strong, as lashes began falling out and becoming separated from the seam. In the end, I was finally able to grab hold of the inner corner and pull the rest of the lash away from the casing. This was bad, but still, the lash looked mostly intact.

However, when it came time for me to attempt to do the same with the other side, the glue was even stronger, and many, many lashes came out (at least 15). I was so upset I got my sister to film me doing this, to share with others on YouTube, as I felt I had just wasted a fresh, beautiful pair of $29.99 lashes, except that to me, in the moment, and looking back now after a few weeks have passed, the debacle wasn't truly my fault.

Here is the unlisted video of the session:

The lashes now look incredibly tragic, and with the seam being so mangled, they are barely wearable. When I have tried to wear them and get past the sparse areas, because the lash has already been so abused, more hairs have continued to fall out. 

I must say that I felt truly horrible after this incident. I’m incredibly down in the dumps about this, and I’m not one to ask for freebies, but it felt pretty bad seeing my sister watch me basically ruin my own Christmas present, especially when once again, I felt like it was a manufacturing issue. 

I’ve been a customer for so long, and Mabel and Angela, I truly feel like you guys might actually read this post and reply… please do! All I’m hoping for is:

a)     a replacement pair of “Hey Shawty” lashes, and
b)    a response to my plea for less super-hold glue binding the lashes to their casing!

I truly appreciate your time reading this, and invite you to email me at Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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