Friday, January 1, 2016

Gifts I Got This Christmas 2015

Hi guys! What a merry Christmas it was for me this year! I received very generous gifts that were thoughtful and an absolute delight to unwrap. Here is a photo round-up of my treasures.

My sister hands down gave me the most gifts this year. She got me two marvelous classics: 

Diana also brilliantly thought to get me stickers to decorate the pages of my new planner! She picked out these adorable emoji stickers, Pusheen stickers, and asian stickers! 

She also got me these b-e-a-utiful gel pens for my planner! Eeeeh!

Two lovely people got me Sephora gift cards, my aunt Stephanie and Nick (my special friend). Yay :D

I asked Diana for these metallic pen holders to click to my planner... but they just don't seem practical to me now that I have the planner. First of all, I use at least four different colored markers on a daily basis to color coordinate what I write, and keep them all safely in their kit, so when would I ever clip just one to my planner? Also, things get so jumbled around in my bag that even the cover of my planner manages to tear off the book. I'm constantly having to reattach it. Grr :( They are pretty though. I must try to use them anyway! I have three beautiful colors after all. :)

I also asked her for these next two Erin Condren book add-ons for my planner... also unpractical. The monthly budget book I realized, you have to have real bills to pay to use... I could enter only one field within the whole book. Giving up and putting this away until I have a life that matches it. The first one, the wellness book, I just don't think is organized well. I find it doesn't actually help me. Schmr. Must show this on camera.

D spoiled me with Baublebar purchases!!! I luff my kermie :') She went onto my pinterest board and got these treats for me <3

My cousin got me these beautiful bracelet I pinterested (and Diana got it for me too! Eeep! She had to return it the next day. You should have seen her face when I unwrapped this at my grandma's house).

Diana got me these <3

My cousin also got me these studs (which Diana also got me and had to return! Eeeh! Go figure).

Leave it to my parents to cover the practical items I wasn't planning for. A spray bottle of glass cleaner and special cloth kit for me to polish my camera lens with. :)

Eeek the gorgeous bracelet on :)

Here are some close-ups in better lighting of the pen holders and my Erin Condren snap in to-do list (isn't it cute?), which my sister also purchased for me. I know, I'm spoiled :')

Here is a close-up of both the sets of gel pens my sister got me.

My parents picked me up a generously sized SanDisk so my camera can hold even more videos and images :) Can you believe the largeness of the packaging though? Eep!

My friend Kin got me this ADORABLE packaging from the Paper Source! Inside it was a $20 Brandy Melville gift card and a $15 Shop Akira gift certificate.

And finally, this is my favorite gift, my new Zahra lipstick tower my parents got me! Woohoo it's so pretty and it spins!

Yay! That about wraps it up. Thanks for reading guys! 

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