Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is in just 3 weeks! Despite knowing no one will actually see this (except I'm really hoping someone will), I have compiled a list of all the stuff I really want but am restricting myself from buying.

1. Quay Avalon Sunnies $55

2. BaubleBar Milkyway Necklace $34

5. BaubleBar Glitter Layered Necklace $32

6. BaubleBarAsymmetrical Alpha Pendant $32

7. BaubleBar Kaa Y-Chain $28

8. BaubleBar Cleo Collar $32

9. BaubleBar Micro Collar $38

10. BaubleBar Sky Layered Necklace $32

I've been obsessed with dresses from Lipsy, a UK brand. I have 2 dresses I bought a year-two years ago. One I wore to my cousin's wedding (even though the neckline ended up having this weird malfunction that wasn't there the day I tried it on for practice, but did the morning of the wedding), and the other I haven't even worn yet! I have nowhere to effing wear it. So you know what? I'm wearing it on my birthday this year when I celebrate at my grandma's house. Yeah I know, I'll be overdressed.

11. Erin Condren Designer Dots $4
I own an Erin Condren planner and I realized that the key to using it in a way that is organizational, fun, and productive, is purchasing tons of stickers to help categorize and label what you've got going on in your life. 

These planner covers are too cute, and seeing as my covers have just about broken off, I think now is the perfect time to get a new one (though I wish mine had been more durable :/)

15. Jones + Jones Sequin Bodice Skater Dress £65.00 ($94.31)

19. Lipsy Poppy Print Mini Skater Dress £50.00 ($72.55)

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  1. Liked your birthday wish list. Those wayfarers are so beautiful. I too got such cute wayfarers from an annual summer event at local venues Chicago. There were many unique summer items for sale in that event.