Friday, November 18, 2016

Stationery-Themed Mini Haul

Hi everyone! I've become something of a stationery enthusiast, and I've been growing my collection one cute knick knack at a time. When you find things that fit your aesthetic at a reasonable price, who can say no? Now that I'm 26, every item I now consider buying has to fit within the context of my future apartment. At least one of these items will be going on my coffee table when I finally move into my own place. Without further ado, here is a peek of my most recent acquisitions:

1. Hollister: #OOTD: Fashion Flay Lay Coloring Book

Although adult coloring books had been intriguing me for some time, when I was surfing Hollister I wasn't exactly shopping with the intent to purchase a coloring book. However, when I came across this gorgeous coloring book I and knew I had to get it.

It is all about the details with this book. It is sleek, elegantly designed, and filled with sketches of different #OOTD elements! The beautiful blush pink cover and rose gold lettering also stole my heart. It's super sturdy and sleek feeling, and I'll admit it was larger than I expected, but all the better for adding as a living room piece.

2. Aldo Accessories: Adrun Binder Clips

I've been really into desktop decor lately as well, and for my future apartment I'm being extremely picky with what I buy. I'm set on choosing every must-have, essential desktop item in the most stylish possible design. I love Kate Spade-esque type decor, and these little binder clips from Aldo Accessories remind me of that aesthetic. This is a set of 12 polka dot and striped binder clips that, as Aldo says, are pretty, polished, and practical. They were originally retailing for $8 and I purchased them for $5.98 (the price still feels a bit excessive for what they are, but oh well).

3. Sticker and Label Book

I just looked up this product to provide you guys with a link and saw that it's retailing for only $9.95 at Barnes and Nobles, while I purchased it from a specialty art supplies store for either $11 or $12. Grrr! Putting that aside, I live and die for this adorable sticker set from! I love decorating my Erin Condren LifePlanner with stickers and this sticker book is chock full of stickers that are equal parts cute, cheeky, and useful. I love the flair they add to my planner.

4. Container Store: Assorted Metallics Washi Tape Pkg/3

How cute is this washi tape?! It's so adorable! I've been into planning lately and I've been wanting to amp my game up by trying to incorporate some washi tape into my planning. I happened upon this by chance at the Container Store and the wintery/holiday themes are perfect for this time of the year! Plus the price was quite reasonable.

5. A.I. Friedman: Autumn Leaves Gold Foil Washi Tape

Since the Container Store is quite close to a few other specialty art supply stores, I decided to pop into A.I. Friedman for a look around. I found this gold leaf autumnal themed-washi tape and instantly knew I had to get it. I must say though that their selection of washi tape was not very extensive, and I've checked a couple times in the past month.

6. Papyrus: Red Glitter Tape
Finally, my last purchase is this red glitter tape from Papyrus. It's so festive looking and it was 30 percent off. I feel like it will look great as part of a festive theme during one of the weeks in December to symbolize the holidays.

Thanks so much for tuning into this post! I look forward to getting great use out of these items. I hope it gave you some inspiration!

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