Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spotlight On: The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron (1 inch)

This bad boy has served me well for the past two years. I decided to buy this flat iron after reading good reviews on it and seeing Itsjudytime on YouTube create majestic hairstyles using it. I purchased it on for about $65. Nowadays it sells anywhere from 60 to 90 dollars. 

This flat iron definitely straightens my hair. I have really wavy hair, that can look like this at it's unruliest:
When it's combed out it looks like a big puffy, dry, damaged mess. Ergo, I either always keep it natural (straight out of bed), curl it, or straighten it. Below is one side of my hair combed and ready for straightening, and the other side already straight. Behold the power of the Babyliss Pro!

Afterwards, both sides straight:

Most days I wear my hair flipped over to the side. I flat iron it down the middle, like the above pictures, and afterwards I flip it to get nice volume.

This flat iron also curls. I think it would curl well if it had an owner that was competent enough to know how to curl hair with a flat iron... unfortunately it does not. This is the best of my creations :/

The CONS to this flat iron are as follows:
It gets extremely hot and the plastic coating the iron isn't heat-resistant. I've seen Judy on her channel curling her hair with the iron and putting her hands on the outsides to pull the iron down her hair and I have no idea how she does this. I have tried many, many times, on different heat settings, and it always always hurts. It is too hot for you to be able to touch anywhere on the iron except where you grip it. Also since it is somewhat rectangular, it can hurt the hand after a while since there's not much of a grip on it. 
Supposedly it promises gentle straightening without damaging hair, but really, who could promise that? Any hot tool will damage your hair if used regularly. Period. Heat protectant helps, but it only helps. It's not a heat-proof shield (as I believed it would be when I began embarking on my hair journey as a young, naive teenager)

The PROS to this flat iron are as follows:
It straightens well
It curls well (on other people haha)
It has heat settings from 5 to 50, increasing in increments of 5, and heats up to 450 degrees
It does glide through the hair, and does not snag or pull at all

Overall I like this flat iron, and feel no need to replace it. It does it's job, and has done me well :) Worth every penny.

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