Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sample Review: Urban Decay Sellout Lipstick

A few weeks ago I purchased the Conair More Big Curls roller set and I received three free samples from Ulta with that purchase. The first sample I'm going to be posting my thoughts about is Urban Decay's Sellout Lipstick.

Urban Decay lipsticks retail at $22 and can be purchased online at or at Sephora or Ulta (among other places).

The claim:
Leaving no shade unturned, our huge assortment of colors and textures tempt you to stray from an otherwise predictable palette. The luxuriously creamy formula nourishes and protects lips with Vitamins A, C, and E. Hyaluronic Spheres (found naturally in the body) are added to stimulate cellular function, prevent dehydration, and fill-in lines and wrinkles- now, how many Lipsticks can do that?! The teardrop-shape bullet (etched with an Urban Decay logo) is infused with a decadent creme caramel scent and flavor. Yum.

The truth:
Urban Decay's Sellout Lipstick was extremely moisturizing and very comfortable on the lips.I would say this lipstick is very comparable in finish to a MAC Glaze lipstick. It almost felt more like a creamy balm then a lipstick. The lipstick wasn't heavy on my lips, but I almost prefer a little more weight so I don't constantly wonder if it's faded off already. One thing I don't like is that because of it's light creamy formulation it comes off easily with drinks or food. I would say the absolute maximum wear of this lipstick is three hours.

The color description says it is a warm neutral/full coverage cream. That does nothing to describe the color. The color is a warm brick reddish brown, and as it fades it looks more and more like a neutral color.

I would not say the coverage was full, I would say it was medium buildable and semi-sheer. 

This is Sellout next to my other red lipstick, Kat Von D's Hellbent, described as a pure blood red. That lipstick is completely opaque. It is also matte, and more of a true blue-based red. Sellout is on the right, Hellbent is on the left.

Here are the two lipsticks after two hours.
 Obviously Hellbent is a lot longer-wearing. Sellout is practically gone, so no, the lipstick is not long-wearing as the website claims.

This is Sellout:

without flash
with flash
Apologies for the single strand of hair across my mouth in one of the above pictures haha! As I said before, the lipstick faded pretty quickly. Within two hours, this was the color:

Disappointing. I never really expect lipsticks to last though, they seem to have a shelf life of two to three hours on me. So that wasn't too big a deal, although the longer the wear the better the grade in my book. 

Final Verdict: I really liked the sample I received. The color of Sellout was very flattering for my skintone and it was a comfortable wear. I like Urban Decay lipsticks, but I wish they were a little heavier and deeper in color. I would purchase this, and plan on doing so in the future.

Grade: B+


  1. Thank you for the review. So glad I found both arm and lip swatches as I just purchased this lipstick having no idea how it looks like. :)

  2. Too bad that the color had faded quickly. I didn't know about this. Thanks, i am enlightened.
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