Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 Weeks Later...

3 weeks later, I'm writing an update on how my hair is after dyeing it with L'Oreal Sublime Mousse.

Here's the video.

The following are all pictures of my "41 Iced Dark Brown" dyed hair taken within the last week. 
Just for reference, this is 41 Ice Dark Brown on the box.

 My hair July 2010 . My hair before dyeing with Sublime Mousse. My hair 1 hr after dyeing. Hair 3 weeks after
The color has faded a bit from three weeks ago, but it still looks very dark and does not match the color on the box you see above.

I went to Central Park the other day, and in the beautiful sunlight my hair looked this color :)

This is how it typically looks, on an everyday basis.

Using L'Oreal Sublime Mousse has damaged my hair. Look at my poor hair ... disgusting :(

 Styling does camouflage it though, thank God

Overall, my feelings stayed the same as they were 3 weeks ago. I feel slightly less negative about my hair, but it is still super dark and not the color I wanted or expected.

To see my post (includes pictures and video) from three weeks ago, click this link! :) 
Thanks guys 


  1. What color do you think would have achieved the result you wanted?

  2. I'm using Sublime mousse ,no41 for the second time and i think it hasn't damaged my hair at all...
    Beside this,the shade of the color should look dark because as it says in the box it's ''dark brown''.
    If you want to go lighter maybe you should check out the Spicy Auburn Brown!