Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hair Boredom

So it's Saturday and I'm in my room bored. So of course I randomly thought, let's play with my hot roller set, which I haven't used in months. I'll say straight off the bat, I liked my hair better before I put it in rollers. I started off with 2nd day natural hair, and naturally I have pretty wavy hair. The result surprised me, because I remember not loving this hot roller set even though it was way better then the horrible Conair More Big Curls one. But yeah, this gives you a quick really nicely done look. Lots of curls. Looks a little hollywood :) I still prefer my natural hair, because I like waves, and luckily I was born with them! My goal in a hot roller set is gorgeous big voluminous Victoria's Secret waves, so we'll see :) Maybe I'll ask for a hot roller set this Christmas with large sized rollers, because that's what really gives you that big look.

My hair natural, before rollers:
I should add that this is my hair on a good day. It's also second day hair that was tied up in a bun so it has nice texture. As you can see in my above post my hair can be CRAZY scary sometimes. Damaged and really curly.

Hair after rollers, which I let sit for 15 minutes:

 I was surprised as to how curly my hair was. I do kind of wish it was more bouncy with body as opposed to so set, but it does look kind of nice and Hollywoody. Hope you enjoyed looking at this randomness!

I combed through the hair a little and got a nice looser effect :)

5 Me's! 

Roller set I used:

BaByliss Pro BABCHV21 Ceramic Instant Heat 20-Roller Set, Varied


  1. Wow you are really good with your hair. I was looking for hot rollers now I know what to buy. I'm so lazy about my own hair I usually roll out of bed as is. :X

    Keep up the great work.

    I'm following you for your hair ideas!


  2. Ooh thank you mdear! :) I watched about a thousand videos on hot rollers on youtube before I bought those haha. I think you'll like it! I'll be checking your blog out as well :)