Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brandy and Melville Lookbook

So I love the brand Brandy and Melville. The clothes are really on-trend, and the quality is really nice. My Brandy and Melville clothes have their own drawer, and every time I go to the Soho location (there are 2 now) I get really really excited. It's actually my favorite store and I get really stupidly happy every time I'm there. The clothes are just beautiful, and I love being around them. It's also even more fun now because one of my high school friends is working there, and it's lucky for me that I get to see her now when I go! <3 So these are a few of my Brandy and Melville outfits, and at the risk of making my blog look weird and deformed, I have uploaded them with a quite large picture size, just because I want you to see the clothes up-close. I know there are a lot of different and probably more stylish ways of rocking them, but this is just my own personal take. I'm a very basic girl, but I like to look cute. Hopefully I achieve that! :)

My drawer of Brandy:

Tank, shorts, gray long sleeve top Brandy and Melville. 

Sweater, ring Brandy and Melville. 

Tank, Brandy and Melville.

Top, ring Brandy and Melville.

Sweater, Brandy and Melville.


  1. cute pics, lol you have a photographer following you around or something?