Thursday, August 15, 2013

Easy Neutral Glittery Smokey Eye

Hi guys! I recently did a glittery neutral champagne-y eye makeup look, and I'm happy with the results! I hope you guys like it, it was quite simple to do! The recipe is basically this:

Light shimmery color on the lid
Dark cool toned brown in the crease
Black to smoke out the outer V
Champagne-gold glitter of your choice (I used Lit Cosmetics Champagne Wishes)
Dark cool toned brown and black on the bottom lash line
Dark eyeliner to make your eyes pop
Mascara on the top and bottom lashes
Glamorous False Lashes

Flawless skin
Contoured bronzey glow on temples and hollows of cheeks
Bronzey-rose cheeks
Glowy tops of cheekbones and brow bone area

Warm terracotta-rose lips!

Anyway, I'll leave the tutorial in this post for you all to check out if you haven't already! You can also find specific product information and application details by checking out the description bar of my video. Here are some close-ups, and have a great day. :)

As you can tell, there is some clumping and uneven-ness on my right eye. Drats!!! :'( But aside from that, I like the look overall. I hope you guys do too :)

[Video to come tomorrow when published to YouTube]

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