Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crop Top Pairings: Photos and YT Video

Man it's been a while since I've been on here! Anyway, I recently made a video demonstrating various ways of pairing lots of different crop tops with many different bottoms. Maxi skirts, bodycon skirts, high waisted shorts, the whole nine yard. My rules are simple: create balance.

You must create a harmonious balance between the two pieces of your outfit. If your top is fitted, it will look flattering to wear a loose or flared out bottom, such as a circle skirt or fit and flare (skater) skirt. However, a fitted top can also look aesthetically pleasing with a tight bottom, like a bodycon skirt. Such a pairing definitely turns up the heat on an outfit, and emphasizes your body more, so consider whether you're comfortable with that or if you'd feel like you were putting yourself on display.

Also, looser crop tops look great with fitted bottoms. I haven't yet experimented with two loose pieces, as in a loose top AND a loose bottom but I'm sure someone out there could find a way to make that work. I'm uncertain. Anyway, please enjoy these pictures and check out my YouTube video if you'd like! (Once the video is made public I will link. Until then see below for the pairings!)

* So sorry for the inconsistency of the pictures - for some, but not all, of the YouTube pairings I posed for the camera. For the outfits I didn't pose for (I'm not sure why I didn't), I had to take screen grabs of the YouTube video.

* Note: I actually really don't like the last pairing, the top is way too masculine looking, whereas the dress is flirty, fun, and playful. Disregard!

Thanks for reading!

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