Thursday, July 25, 2013

Style: Inspiration Boards

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've written anything on here... but I wanted to share with you a few inspiration boards I made for my birthday! :) Obviously only one look can win, but the rest can be worn for a date night or any special occasion. I have a thing for bodycon anything, and I've been mad about crop tops/bustier tops for the past year. I think it can look so chic to show just a couple inches of midriff, you know? So the theme between all these boards are really luxe, body-fitting, and flattering pieces.

I love this first board - it's so luxe and grandiose! The pave jewelry, the gold and sparkle, and the sexiness of the high heeled sandals just make me happy! The bodycon dresses are also exactly up my alley -- the glamour of it all.

This board screams city girl! The pieces are so chic and NYC. I kept the pave bracelet because I truly believe it is the singular sparkly glamorous piece perfect for any outfit - plus I own it! It was a Valentine's Day gift from my boyfriend :) In this board I put one great bustier piece from Shopnastygal that I just recently ordered, and put four different skirts for the bottom. I can't wait to wear this! I think this will end up being my birthday outfit. I already own the peach skater skirt, and I just ordered the Motel Alphabet skirt shown above and the floral bodycon skirt.

This one I actually wore on a date with my boyfriend when I went to visit him in California :) I wore this exact outfit - the sparkly bracelet, the lace bustier, the shiny black shorts, and the tuxedo vest. It was definitely a cute look, but the shorts kept riding up and I felt naked :'( I ordered these shoes just so I would have them for California, and when they came the mailman or UPS man or whoever didn't ring the doorbell. My sister and I were both home when the package was dropped off, but had no idea it was there and someone stole it off my porch. $50 wasted :( 

This board is so American Apparel-tastic. Also, I own the clutch pictured. But both the dresses and the striped bustier top are from American Apparel. I just felt the dress was so sexy and would make for an easy look that would turn heads. 

Anyway everyone I hope you enjoyed these inspiration boards! Hopefully I'll make some more soon and share them with you all. 

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