Friday, October 3, 2014

NYC Sigma Pop-up Shop at Alcone + Kenig

Hi everyone! About a month back I visited Sigma's pop-up shop in New York City at Kenig + Alcone. I received an email from Sigma announcing their new 2-week pop-up shop and I knew I had to check it out and take you along with me. Below are pictures from the shop, which was located very centrally by Union Square, and all the amazing products I found there. 

It was my first visit to Kenig + Alcone, though I had heard of it before. Believe it or not, I was always too intimidated to check it out in person (doesn't look too intimidating here though, does it!). 

I knew it was more of a specialty beauty store and I felt like all eyes would be on me (which kind of was true). This specialty beauty shop had tons of items you can usually only find online, such as items makeup artists might stock in their kit with brands like Ben Nye, Kevyn Aucoin, OCC, Kett, and more. I wasn't expecting the store to be as quiet as it was, and I also didn't know there were two floors. You can imagine how awkward I felt when I walked in and saw only a tiny set of brushes by the register. I had to inquire about the shop and they told me it was upstairs. So off I went! 

Upstairs was very quiet, I think it must be something about their store in particular because I swear the air was still up there. It kind of felt like a library with everyone silently mulling around and picking at various wares. Regardless, there was a sales girl who was very nice and quick to help you if you had questions but other than that let you shop independently. I felt more comfortable during my second trip but that was cancelled out by my nerves! When I asked to film the shop there was only one other customer on the floor besides me. Either way, I'm glad I did film and I'm glad I went to the store. 

I felt a little deceived by Sigma because of the way they advertised the event via email. 

They state "receive exclusive discounts off Kenig + Alcone prices," so you can imagine my shock when I went to the shop and found that all the brushes had been marked up at least $2 each. When I asked the sales girl why this was, she didn't have much intel to share other than that Sigma slightly raised the prices for the pop-up event. How awful is that? Why would they do that? 

I really don't respect companies that do business that way. I believe they did this because they had the sale offer 10 percent off every Sigma item during that two week interim. However, to balance out that discount, they raised the prices so they wouldn't be losing that much money.

Their email also states receive exclusive discounts on the best-selling Sigma products available for a limited time only. However, I found out that Kenig + Alcone sell Sigma year-round! I suspect Sigma worded this a specific way to make customers feel as though they would receive only a short window of time to pick up Sigma's products, and to hurry before time runs out. OR, they meant the discounts would be available for a limited time only, which is more accurate. But from reading the email several times before going in, I truly felt the pop-up shop would only run for 2 weeks and I had better go fast if I wanted to shop for Sigma in-person. 

Anyway, that is my 2 cents. I ended up buying four brushes (I found out they sold Sigma year-round when I was second in line at the register to pay and I overheard a customer asking whether they carried it aside from the pop-up event, sigh) and like them all, as I knew I would. With purchase you received a couple of Sigma's sample highlighter cards (kind of a random thing to give, but okay) and a free tin of hairclips from Kenig + Alcone. Interestingly enough, I like the tin more than the clips! Hehe. I didn't receive it on the last day of the pop-up shop but I'm pretty sure they just ran out. 

Below are all the pictures I took at Kenig + Alcone which include the Sigma products, the whole second floor (a beauty enthusiast's dream, particularly the lash stash), and my purchases:

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