Friday, December 12, 2014

Style Crush: Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen

Hi guys! Today, I'm taking to my blog to share a little bit about my style crush of the moment, Lauren Elizabeth. To tell the truth, I don't know much about her, but I began watching her videos about two years ago, and over the past couple of years have gathered a few key facts about her:

  • she's twenty (?)  
  • she's rich
  • she has an indulgent grandmother who sends her and her brother and sister care packages, and they call her "Crum" or something like that
  • they come from a very well-off, European background
  • she's from Chicago, which she left for college, and then realized it just wasn't for her
  • she moved to L.A. to start vlogging for Awesomeness TV on YouTube (in addition to her own lifestyle/beauty/entertaining videos)
Strange assortment of facts right? But she does like to talk about her grandmother a lot who I believe has appeared in a couple of videos, being the typical sweet grandmother we all know and love, and her brother also has his own video channel. Her family is very comfortable with her job on YouTube, and from what I gather are very supportive and proud of her.

Essentially, she's a pretty, stylish girl whose niche has becoming being super sarcastic and humorous and talking really fast and just being zany. I don't dig it that much, I prefer a calmer personality and to be honest, sometimes I don't think she's funny, but I watch because I like her style. She has become somewhat of an entrepreneur and a success story, as she left college to pursue her dreams in L.A., where she now creates video content for another Awesomeness TV ( the #1 destination on YouTube for awesome shows and your favorite YouTube personalities. subscribe for new episodes and awesomeness everyday!!!) where she gets to meet and interview celebrities, as well as create comedy/sketch videos. 

So, I really enjoy her style, and have continued clicking her videos to see all she has to share about her tips and tricks. I really enjoy how she styles her hair, clothes, makeup, etc. and she's just a trendy twenty-something I like to watch. In the past year or two her style has become much more grunge-y, which I like and is on trend, but might be somewhat off-putting for anyone who isn't into the '90s craze and a color palette of mostly black/gray/white. I don't always love it, but here are some snaps I do like:

I do kind of miss the other side to her too though... she used to be much more girly. This is the girl I started watching, who is feminine and very girly. She also changed her makeup style from then to now, as you can see below her eyebrows were more finely tweezed (which I like in terms of fullness and shape), she did a lot of glowy-highlighter action, and she was just pretty.

Still true to her style, it isn't a black and white transformation but it gives you a picture of more of the aesthetic she used to enjoy, which to me is very Nasty Gal/Tobi/Brandy Melville-inspired, and then later on becomes more just plaid tied around her waist, crop tops, high-waisted shorts, mini skirts, jackets, blazers, basics, etc. Either way, I'm digging her look and I hope I can dress as well very very soon. Thanks for tuning in!

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