Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Another Day, Another Haul

Friday after work I treated myself to a little splurge night in Soho! Here are the treasures I picked up:

Blinking Beaute Lashes in Design No. 2 from Ricky's: I love these lashes but boy they are hella expensive! $38 with tax included. I was so glad that this time I had the balls to secretly unwrap the different lash boxes from their plastic to find the nicest pair. Last time I went I had such a lemon of a lash, it was just awful! Way less voluminous with a weird curl pattern. I know they want to keep the lashes untouched but I was so glad when I took the time and effort to take a look for myself - each box I opened was a little different. This was the best pair. 

Set of 3 layering bracelets from Aldo: This bracelet set is so beautiful that I had to take it home with me! It looks far more expensive then $12, which is what I paid for it. The delicate details are lovely and add a bit of sparkle to my collection. I also purchased these because of the malleable nature of the bracelets. Hopefully I can squeeze them tight enough to fit my freakishly skinny wrists!

Moonlight Madness Post Earring Set from Urban Outfitters: I walked into Urban Outfitters to window shop and I came across this adorable set of earrings! These studs are right up my alley, I absolutely love sparkle and gold. Pave is literally my thing. So I was super duper excited and I decided to pay the $18 for them (grr, still too expensive in my opinon). I really only bought this set for the middle two pairs of earrings. 

Velour Inner Accessories Tray - Grid from Muji: I went to Muji to pick up another tray for my acrylic case which is now split between storing jewelry and makeup. I think eventually it will be solely used to store jewelry, but I have to clear enough counter space to be able to add a new acrylic case for my makeup, which I'm also fighting because I don't want my makeup collection to get out of hand. This is my fourth jewlery tray purchased from Muji... which means, in my lifetime, I have spent $67.76 on jewelry trays alone... AHHH!!! -Runs for the hills-

Alright guys, that about wraps up the haul! I approximately spent around $85 for these five items... yikes money is a fleeting thing. Until next time, bye. 

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