Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Earring Collection: 2016!

Hi guys! Through the years I've collected quite a few baubles, and I thought it would be fun to do an overview of my jewelry collection. To start, I'm sharing my earring stash. I have picked up so many beautiful earrings in the past few years, and what I love is that each earring has its own place - I haven't overdone it with the shopping to the point where I have tons and tons of earrings, with many copycats. I've really hand selected these gems and I'm very happy with what I currently own. I hope this overview will make me start to wear my earrings more often, because I don't and it's really a travesty. So often I run out of the house without a single accessory on! Oh the horror. Anyway guys, I hope you enjoy!

BaubleBar | I bought these statement earrings from BaubleBar called the Rose Dewdrops Earring ($34) around 3 years ago and they are so beautiful. Everything from the color of the stones to the shape of the earring itself is perfect. I absolutely love them and I wouldn't change a single detail.

BaubleBar | These are the Ice Aztec Drops from BaubleBar, which I believe are no longer on the website, but were for a very long time. These are stunning. I love that they really are like ice, the perfect crystal statement earring to accompany any look. Best of all, somehow, I managed to snag these on sale for a CRAZY price! It was literally $5-$10 if I recall correctly. 

BaubleBar | These are the Crystal Anemone earrings in the color yellow! I bought these either last summer or the summer before. Aren't they lovely? They're a bit more delicate than my other statement earrings and add a sunny pop of color to my collection. 

BaubleBar | These are the Von Trapp Drops from BaubleBar in the color Champagne. They look very similar to the Aztec Drops but are more of a rounded shape. I bought these in December of 2014 on sale for only $15!

BaubleBar | Ah, memory lane. These are the first pair of BaubleBar earrings I ever bought! :') They were part of a 3 pair set of pave studs that I bought at BaubleBar's first ever pop-up shop. Yep, we go that way back. Sadly, I lost one of the other sets, which actually became my favorite. They were pyramid studs. I still have the other pair though, which are stars. I believe I bought these in January of 2013. 

BaubleBar | These are the Mariposa Ear Jackets from BaubleBar ($32). I swear, I don't exclusively shop at BaubleBar! They're just really, really good. Anyway, my sister went on my Pinterest account to see my wishlist and surprise me this Christmas :') These are so elegant and they add a different touch to my collection. 

BaubleBar | Cairo Ear Jackets $28 These divine gold earrings! Another ear jacket, I swear 2015 was the year of the ear jackets. To be honest with you, I still don't exactly know what ear jackets are... but they appear to be studs with a lower main portion that sits below the ear. WOW that was bad. BaubleBar... am I off the mark? | Okay I found BaubleBar's description online - These spiked gold ear jackets evoke rays of sunlight, layered with extra sparkle thanks to tiny crystals.

BaubleBar | Spoiler alert: I'm crazy about pave. I love pave so much! It's gold and glitzy but understated, making it my go-to earring finish. These Pave XO studs from Baublebar ($28) are so adorable. One is an O and the other is an X! 

Anthropologie | I got these stud earrings from my friend Kin for Christmas. I'll be honest, we were in the store and I saw these and literally had to ask him for these as my Christmas gift. That's how much I loved them. They are the tiniest little gold pearl and initial set. So cute!! But I do remember they were pricy - about $28 to $32 I believe. 

BaubleBar | My sister also gifted me this pair of glamorous pair of ear crawlers (somewhat similar to ear jackets?) also from BaubleBar. These are called the Liza Ear Crawlers ($32). I love them! I'll share with you guys the description I found online for it - "Shine bright in gem-encrusted ear jackets shaped like heavenly bodies. Downward facing spikes add a hint of edge to your wardrobe. Adjustable post back."

BaubleBar | This is the other pair of pave earrings that came in the 3-pair set I spoke about earlier! You can't tell just how pave it is (maybe because they're so old?) but they are still glitzy and lovely :)

Brandy Melville | Finally, onto my Brandy studs! The first pair, purchased 3-4 years ago, and gold heart studs with tiny letters, LA, carved into them. too cute! 

Brandy Melville | Now, it's time to showcase my enormous plethora of Brandy studs. These are the kinds they sell so that you can mix and match. A few of these I have pairs of, and others are sold as individual studs in a variety set (so only one of each). These were all purchased around 2013... very cheap, I think the variety pack was $12, and the pairs were just a few dollars. 

Gold skull 

Silver star

Black peace sign

Black Hamsa Hand

Gold owl

Alright guys, so I didn't end up taking close-ups of the remaining Brandy Melville studs (apparently), so I took screenshots from my video instead, hence the lighting difference. I think you can still see them pretty well though!

Silver handcuff

Black lightning bolt

Gold lightning bolt

Silver bolt

Gold bird

Urban Outfitters | These are the latest studs I've added to my collection, I purchased this adorable four pair set at Urban Outfitters a month or two ago. It was only $14 I think. Feast your eyes! I tried on my two favorite pairs on camera.

Thanks guys! That wraps it up! It's been extremely laborious putting this overview together but I think it's well worth it. Now I get to share my collection with the world :) I hope you liked! Please leave a comment if you do, I would love your feedback. Don't forget to watch my YouTube video also!


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