Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Current Obsessions

I've been inspired by so many things lately, from YouTubers to fashion trends. Here are just a few:

YouTuber: Sunbeamsjess

I just recently stumbled across Sunbeamsjess (like, two days ago) and already I'm obsessed. Where do I start? She's this gorgeous, eclectic little British chickie who reminds me of what it's like to be youthful again (I have a whopping 5 years on her and am now closer to 30 than I am to 20 -- help). She looks like a walking ad, has an amazing fashion sense, and an insane eye for what looks good. Her personal aesthetic looks flawlessly curated, so much so that I'm actually inspired to never be original again (kidding. kind of). Virtually every styling decision she makes is right and there hasn't been one time when I've watched a video and not wondered where her outfit/background decor was from. Best of all, she's so not cookie cutter. She's this dainty little girl studying at university in Edinburgh, and then you find out that she's been tatted and pierced to high heaven, which for some reason makes me like her even more. The girl's got grit!

Thigh High Socks

Free People always drives me crazy because they fill my email box and their web pages with picture after picture of long legged models modeling gorgeous, luxe looking thigh high socks, and then tease me about how to wear them. As you'll notice in all these photos, the girls are always at home lounging around in their underwear. How does a girl style these for actual day-wear when underwear isn't an option?

Shay Mitchell x BaubleBar Guest Bartender Collection

It's official - Shay Mitchell has put together the perfect Guest Bartender collection, Shay Mitchell x BaubleBar. I don't know much about the actress other than the fact that she rose to fame through Pretty Little Liars and that she is of mixed race (which explains her exotic beauty). However, what's apparent is that the star has been on a meteoric rise, joining forces with powerhouse brands like Quay Australia and BaubleBar to design inspired collections. Her guest bartender collection is so chic, I don't even know how to describe it.

Here's how BaubleBar puts it. "For the nomads, the wayfarers, & the dreamers, the actress designs a collection where global influence meets ethereal inspiration." Man that's good copy (I'm a copywriter myself so I can't help but take notice when I see a solid piece of writing). Anyway, point is, the collection is gorgeous. I want it all!

Ohh Deer Stationery

Ohh Deer is an online retailer I learned of through Sunbeamsjess that offers "quirky illustrated gifts," with their standout products being stationery-focused. Ohh Deer's artistic and thoughtful designs make their products the perfect addition to any style enthusiast's coffee table, desk, and workspace, and they even sell prints, mugs, and kitchenware for peppering the rest of your home/office with. They've been noticed by brands like Urban Outfitters and Asos, who they have active collaborations with, and their unique take on the traditional is what's garnering them a loyal, fanatic fan base (think Erin Condren lovers).

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite picks. One thing I don't like is that a lot of their notebooks are without lined paper and I NEED lined paper because I write crooked. You'd think I'd be able to eyeball it and write across the page in a general straight direction but I can't.

Wanting: My own apartment... so badly. :( I want my own home to decorate, to make a place of my very own, a place I can work and feel inspired and be proud to show off. Here are some beautiful snaps I'm inspired by.

For now all I can do is work hard, save up, and try to dedicate myself to my professional and personal pursuits. Luckily, blogging does double duty! I hope you enjoyed this round-up of things I'm loving. Thanks for checking out this blog post, and I hope to be posting again soon.


  1. Kat, I love knee/thigh high socks too! My problem is that I never know what shoes to wear with them haha ;) I don't have any tall boots, and I feel like they don't always look very good with ankle boots!

  2. Kat, I love knee/thigh high socks too! My problem is that I never know what shoes to wear with them haha ;) I don't have any tall boots, and I feel like they don't always look very good with ankle boots!