Thursday, September 8, 2016

Warming up to the Choker Trend

Chokers, among other 90's fads, are in. It's an undeniable truth given the endless stream of content posted on Instagram/Snapchat/YouTube by celebrities, models, bloggers, and influencers. After begrudgingly accepting the trend as a "here-to-stay" type of fad, my misgivings have turned to FOMO and your girl really, truly wants in.

Initially, I rolled my eyes at the fact that yet another 90's trend was picking up steam. Far too many pictures followed the formula of choker + any old outfit = trendy. I was seeing pictures that exhibited seemingly no effort with girls just throwing on choker necklaces and expecting to be thought of as fashionable. However, lately I've seen chokers styled in all the right ways -- and it's begun to thaw my cold frozen heart. Here are a few snapshots I've been loving:








BaubleBar also came out with three very helpful diagrams that show different ways to style and wear chokers!


So, now that I've shown you some ingenious snaps I've been loving, take a gander at some of the necklaces I really want to collect to give the trend a try myself! 

BaubleBar Galileo Choker | Shay Mitchell Guest Bartender Collection $48

BaubleBar Solar Necklace Set | Shay Mitchell Guest Bartender Collection
Formula $42

BaubleBar Whitely Choker $28

BaubleBar Portia Choker Set of 3 $48

I've actually already purchased a couple (not listed here) from Aldo Accessories which I'm super excited about! Hopefully I can post pictures of them soon. 

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