Friday, March 18, 2011

Review: OPI Black Shatter Review

The Product(s): OPI Black Shatter Topcoat
                    OPI Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry Collection
The Price: $14 at Ricky's
                    $9.99 for any one of the OPI Katy Perry Nail Lacquers at Ricky's
The Grade: B/B+

The Blah Blah Blah:  Ever since I saw the Katy Perry OPI advertisement in Glamour magazine two months ago I have been dying to get my hands on Black Shatter. It's been very difficult trying to find a place that sells Black Shatter, but I finally read online that Ricky's carries the polish, so I set out to my nearest Ricky's. The polish was right in front of the register, and I was completely overjoyed. I bit the bullet and spent about $25 for a Katy Perry nail lacquer and the Black Shatter topcoat. Upon trying it out I was in awe- it is really cool to see your preliminary lacquer "shatter" with the topcoat. I gave Black Shatter a B/B+ and not an A because you have to be sure to apply the top coat very carefully in order to get the desired effect you're after. It has to be a very opaque coat of Shatter, and once you apply a swipe you can't go over it with a second coat- it will just make the polish look very clumpy and dull and generally cracked out. Also the brush is quite large and somewhat flimsy, making it difficult to get it into the corners and crevices of your nails. Black Shatter creates a really cool design and is eye-opening to watch! Although $14 is expensive for a nail polish, it is such a unique innovation that it is worth your money. Also Teenage Dream is beautiful to wear with Shatter and all on its own. 
All in all I liked both polishes and the results I got.
Katy Perry Teenage Dream

Not the clearest picture but I really wanted to show the rainbow chunky glitter particles that make Teenage Dream so cool, so I put this in.

After applying Teenage Dream
Teenage Dream with Black Shatter Top Coat

My nails, shatter-fied!

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