Sunday, March 13, 2011

All About Hooded Eyes

The way we apply our makeup, and the techniques we trust in and rely on to flatter and accentuate our facial features, really has a lot to do with facial structure. For a long time, and you could say still to this day, I have battled my eyeshape, specifically my eyelids. I have hooded eyes, and those with hooded eyes are represented the least in terms of what is shown in the media, in makeup advertisements, and in magazine editorial looks. A hooded eye is essentially an eye that is set in such a way that the natural crease in the eyelid is not readily seen. Skin also usually folds over the eyelid. Because of this, I tend to get annoyed when doing my eye makeup, because the results I COULD get are minimized by my unusual, and I would say, unlucky eyeshape. A lot of lid is lost, and a lot of the work I have done can only be seen when I look down. However, I have come to realize I am selling hooded eyes short! After all, many many Asians have hooded eyes, and they can look quite alluring, mysterious, and beautiful. I have found a number of gorgeous celebrities with that very shape, as can be seen down below:

(Blake Lively, Selena Gomez, Malin Akerman, Leelee Sobieski, Taylor Swift)

These women are all beautiful and no one would dispute that their eyeshapes completely add to and complement their features. Their gorgeous slinky eyes completes their look. 

However, there is one celebrity who has recently shed some pounds and has been the face of Covergirl for about a year now. The celebrity I am referring to is none other then Drew Barrymore. 

Recently (and I'm sure everyone is a part of this) I have noticed just how phenomenal Drew Barrymore has been looking. It didn't just seem like the weight or a hair color/cut difference either. She looked like a different person to me. She looked more elegant... refined... sophisticated. I knew styling and makeup could only have taken her so far. Call me crazy, but I pondered and pondered and pondered what the change was in her look, until I finally realized it.

Her eyes. Looks like I'm not the only one who depreciated the hooded eye aesthetic. Drew got surgery and I have to ask WHY Drew? WHY?! She always seemed so au naturale. She still is, considering I'm pretty much the only one who has realized this change. (Searching Drew Barrymore eyelid surgery yielded few results) I admit, I do think she looks better this way. It adds a certain element of sexiness and maturity, and it definitely makes doing a smoldering smokey eye very easy. This type of eye you could never achieve on someone with hooded eyes, pointblank. On the other hand, before her surgery, she had an element of innocence and girlish beauty. The girl with the hooded eyes is the actress we grew up watching, and at least for me, came to love (especially in Never Been Kissed).

I digress. Drew Barrymore is beautiful no matter which way you look at her. My point is, it is vital to appreciate the features we have, and essential in loving ourselves and the way we look. Every type of feature can be bold and beautiful. In the case of hooded eyes, these celebrities prove that the unconventional can sometimes be even more noticeable then the obvious. 
Helpful chart in determing what kind of eyeshape you have!


  1. I also have hooded eyes and I've also always seriously hated them (and off-and-on consider saving up to get them "fixed.") I do hate that you can do so much work doing your makeup, and then in pictures it's not even there!

    I'm really happy to find this post because I have a hard time finding Hooded Eye Idols, lol, and there are some in this post I didn't realise had hooded eyes before.

    My Hooded Eye Idols have always been:

    Dianne Wiest
    Selma Blair
    Nicole Kidman
    and, most especially, Jenna Elfman (I love Dharma & Greg, lol)

    I just wanted to share them in case you never noticed them! We need all the hooded eye idols we can get to save us that surgery money :P

  2. My mama tells me that I look like Drew Barrymore. This is my beauty asset. I got eyes that can make a guy fall in love with me. That's what attracted my husband Harford the first time we met. We are married for 3 years now.

    Katie Hallison

  3. Oh, you're so right! I haven't seen Drew lately, but she sure looks different. Pity.
    Another beautiful woman I just noticed has hooded eyes - like me - is Brigitte Bardot. And she most certainly has never had any surgeries :-D

  4. Hmm.. I don't think Selena Gomez has hooded eyes, you can see her eyelids. She just has smaller eyes.

  5. They're not hooded to the extent of the other celebrities, but her mobile lid still isn't readily seen. You can see a sliver of it but it's mostly covered. Maybe this picture will help more:

  6. Some other talented (and beautiful) actresses with hooded eyes are Michelle Williams and Jennifer Lawrence.

  7. Very informative post! Thanks!

  8. I have hooded eyes too. There have been plenty of times where I have done my makeup imagining this really bold color on my lid will stick out only for it to come out looking like eyeliner lol.

  9. I seriously do not see why people don't like hooded eyes so much I think they are the most sexy eye shape ever ! it makes you look sexy and alluring all the sexy people have hooded eyes like kate moss sean o'pry gisele bundchen adriana lima oh my god I could go on and on. and incase you hadn't realise all those people named are supermodels ! Naturally i don't have hooded eyes but i can fold my lids under and it looks sooo better people are always like wow you look different but then it goes away when i blink. seriously i would get surgery to GET hooded eyes, not remove !

  10. I have hooded eyes too, and it makes the result when I apply eyeshadow very different and not the effect I want to achieve. I kinda hate it but Its my own eyes... So can't do anything about it if I want to stay 'Natural".

  11. Hooded eyes also looks like bedroom eyes, hooded. eyes are extremely alluring and seductive they are also very exotic because you can't really tell where the woman is from I do not care what the media says hooded eyes are beautiful as beauty can go its like you don't even need to put on the smokey eyes look and when you do daaaamn

  12. I literally just stumbled upon the term for these eyelids of mine that I have hated for so many years--hooded! Thank you for sharing this--I have felt like a weirdo my entire life because I have no eyelids, and now I know I'm not alone.

  13. Does Adriana Lima have hooded eyes as well??? What type does she have because I think theyre similar to mine! Thanks again for all the awesome information :)

  14. I also have hooded eyes and thought about surgery but you know what ? I noticed that hooded eyes make you look beautiful without make up ! Girls with "regular eyes" do not look so pretty without make up, our hooded lids make us sort of "dressed" while other girls look nude without make up !
    Sorry for my eventual mistakes i'm french

  15. I have hooded eyes too - I never knew there was a name for them until very recently. I agree that sometimes I imagine an eye look and it doesn't come out looking the way I imagined, but honestly I love my eye shape - I think it looks sexy and gives a bit of a mysterious air. You just have to play around a bit with makeup looks to make them work, but I've found I can make most looks work.

  16. Another celebrity I noticed who has hooded lids is jennifer lawrence!

  17. Drew Barrymore could only smile with her chin.

  18. I think some features are not meant to be altered. There is something very natural, balanced, seductive and sexy in the way Drew Barrymore's eyes looked when they were slightly hooded. Heavily hooded eyes needs surgery but slightly hooded is extremely sexy to me. Now she is still attractive but that smoldering sexy look is no longer there.

  19. I have hooded eyes and I was always under the impression it was old people that had them. I'm 24 and had them all my life my mum and my nan both have it too. My nan recently had to have surgery as it was starting to impair her eyesight. I hate that my eyeshadow doesn't show. Especially as I lve makeup.

  20. Another Celebrity with hooded eyes is Marilyn Monroe !

    1. Good call! She was a sex bomb shell and those eyes were so alluring and sexy. I think I will get the surgery only if my eyesight begins to become impaired as a result of the hooding but even then I would tell the surgeon to keep them slightly hooded. Just a sliver of eyelid showing is nice and so sexy.

  21. I have hooded eyes, and I hate it. They're prone toward puffiness, and it's really difficult to do makeup. It makes mascara a real nightmare. I'm thinking of surgery, but it's so expensive.

  22. I don't think that Drew Barrymore got surgery. Look up current pictures of her, she still has hooded eyes. I think that when she poses or raises her eyebrows (like for her beauty brand) it looks like they aren't hooded.


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