Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Beautiful Combination

I love playing around with makeup, especially when I'm at home, bored, doing nothing. So I randomly decided to spruce up my face and try more face makeup then I ever wear. The result was amazing. The three face products I used were Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten (only the highlighter portion), Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer, and NARS Madly Blush.

This is in no way an FOTD or even a makeup demonstration. I am literally just showing you pictures of an amazing combo. My hair's not done, I'm in pajamas, and I only have eyeshadow on one eye. So... yeah.

How divinely gorgeous is this combo?!

It shines even without flash :)
I thought this was a beautiful result. The colors all complement each other so well and it's just such a warm beautiful look. I used the bronzer as contour (even though it doesn't contour very well because it's just too warm and not a deep enough brown), blush on the apples of my cheeks, and highlighter on top of my cheek. 

I LOVE these products. 

Laura Geller's Blush-N-Brighten. I don't really use the blush portion often because I find that it actually blends in with my skin and isn't very noticeable/visible. The highlighter, Portofino, on the other hand is amazing. I actually PREFER this to Dior Amber Diamond. Like, a lot. It kind of bothers me... oh well. SO psyched that Portofino finally came out on its own! I first searched for this on the Laura Geller website and I actually couldn't find it. Now they're promoting it on its own!

Tarte Park Princess Ave. is a nice bronzer to have, and works great with this look. It's nice on it's own and actually very very subtle. It's a little warmer then I would prefer and I'm going to keep looking for other bronzers.

Nars Madly. Divine. Beautiful blush. It's warm and pinky brown and just gorgeous. It looks amazing. A little goes a long way!

No Flash

Hope you all have enjoyed this brief post! 


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    1. Did you really just ask how to apply this? Wow if you don't know then you shouldn't be wearing makeup