Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's Birchbox time! I apologize for not putting up August's Birchbox up yet, that will be happening sometime within the next few days. Unfortunately my sister was away on a trip and had my camera for that Birchbox, so I had to use my cell phone to take the pics :/ Anyway, this month's Birchbox haul is awesome. I like it much more then last month's. At least, I like the look of it. When I first opened the box I was soo excited. However after trying three of the products, I only like one of them, and it's just like not love. So yeah. But before I burst your bubble, take a look at my Birchbox loot first :) Details will come after the pics.

BIRCHBOX                                                                                                    THANKS TO YOU! 
                                                                                                                         SEPTEMBER 2011
Resilient blinc | Mascara                                                                                           0.21 oz | $24
Long days call for sweatproof, waterproof mascara. This tubing mascara does the trick and looks extra glossy too.

Adventurous Incoco | Nail Polish Applique                                                 16 strips | $7.99- $10.99
We all have a wild side. Nail strips are the latest trend- try them on your fingers or toes.

Practical Jouer | Lip Enhancer                                                                                 .33 fl oz | $14
Why settle for plain 'ol lip balm when you can hydrate, plump, and condition all in one go? Right, we thought so.

Eco-Minded LIV GRN | Natural Eau de Parfum                                                     3. 4 fl oz | $60
Made from sustainable ingredients, this bright scent is laced with orange and neroli. Plus, ten percent of sales go directly to Global Green, an environmental non-profit.

EXTRA Lash Card
Smear not: This hand card ensures that you rmascara stays on your lashes, not on your eyelids.

TREAT Birchbox Friendship Bracelet

Break it down, Clown:

Blinc Mascara- Blech :( Horrible. Note in the description it says nothing about lengthening or volumizing. That's because it does NEITHER of those things. Extra glossy, yes. The formula is very very wet and actually flecked onto my eyelids in like three different places. I suspect they threw the Glamour Card in because they realized you would need something to deflect that wetness. It made my lashes much more sparse by tubing them all together so it looks like nasty unflattering black spikes shooting out of my eye. Ew :'( Hot mess express :(

* mascara only applied to the top lashes

Incoco Nail Polish Applique- :'( So so sad. I don't know if it was just me but these appliques really didn't work well for me. They are so beautiful though. They really are. However, when it came to applying them it was just a disastrous experience. The appliques are real nail polish (with top coat included isn't that crazy?) and they're very flexible. However, this was bad in my case because when filing away the excess, the tips would just rip off. The appliques tore very easily, and they just didn't seem to stick well to my nails on the corners, or fit my nail bed particularly well. I'm still really sad about how this didn't work out because as I said the appliques were beautiful, and they were my favorite part of the Birchbox. I was so excited when I saw them. I really did almost cry when I kept making a mess with the appliques. The thing with this is, if you mess up there's no going back. If it's ripped, it's ripped.

Jouer Lip Enhancer- This is an interesting product. The thing about it is that it doesn't really absorb very much so your lips will have that balm feeling for hours. However, it's probably the closest thing I've found to a lip balm I like. Nothing moisturizes my lips like Vaseline, but this is pretty good. It does plump a bit I think. I noticed it had that tingly type of effect (but not bad like the Buxom lip products ugh, horrible, makes my lips feel fiery), and wondered if it was supposed to plump. Now I know it is haha and it does make my lips look... fatter? Don't know if that's a good thing. It doesn't feel sticky like a gloss but to me it makes your lips look glossy. It is also colorless.

Unflattering pic of my lips- they look about an inch wide don't they?

That's all I've tried! There's not much magic to the glamour card, but I do appreciate them throwing it in there. The more the better! Also I don't think I'm going to try the fragrance sample, I just hate perfumes. On me anyway. And as for the friendship bracelet, also really simple but once again I appreciate the effort! It's huge on my wrist, as it is on probably a lot of girls wrists because it is just a huge piece of string.

Excuse the white mark- dunno what that is! Bit of dried toothpaste maybe?

Bracelet... sliding off my wrist... off my hand.


  1. Bummer about the Incoco Nail Polish Applique! That was the most exciting thing in my Birchbox, too. Mine are pink zebra and I've been dying to try them... hopefully I'll have some luck. And I like the lip enhancer, too!

  2. Oh man... pink zebra. That's pretty fierce. Kind of jealous now. But I would have messed it up anyway. Anyway pleasee tell me if you had success, because I want to know if it was really just me haha God willing I am not just stupid