Saturday, September 24, 2011

Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation Palette

Eeep! I just recently received my Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation Palette in Warm in the mail.

SO excited. It was a bit of an investment, as it was $70 (dies a little) but I really did and do consider it a must-have. It's just so handy. It comes with 18 different colors, and it will be your transitional piece all throughout the year when your skin tone is changing due to the sun or if you're doing your friend's makeup. You can use these creme products for any type of coverage you want, whether it be foundation or concealer. The coverage is very pleasing to me, it is medium to full, and though it is a cream product I don't find it to be too slippery or emollient. I much prefer it to the Eve Pearl HD foundation because that product is just too creamy for me, and way too emollient. It feels like it never sets. I do set the Graftobian foundation with transluscent powder, just for extra staying power, and because my skin is on the dewy side and I prefer to matte it down or else my foundation will just slide right off. 

No clue why there are little pink splotches on some of the foundation. That really bothered me. I know cream products sweat but these were like pink little irregularities. :( Hope it's not a defect in the product.

I'm not showing how this foundation wears in this post, but in my next FOTD I will be wearing it, so you can see it there. I do have swatches for you though! Here you are :) I hope you find this helpful.


Graceful Swan, Ingenue, Vixen, Femme Fatala, Enchantress, Temptress

Sunlit Linen, Buttermilk, Desert Sand, Golden Sunset, Winter Wheat, Deep Xanthe

Midnight Marigold, Ginger, Burnt Amber, Pecan, Sienna, Caramel

It is not a super long lasting foundation, but it does last throughout the majority of the day I would say. My HG foundation is Estee Lauder, nothing else will ever compare, but I am extremely allergic to it and for the sake of my skin (which had become painfully irritated and bumpy) I had to stop. I like the Graftobian set very much, and my most accurate colors are Temptress, Vixen, Femme Fatale, Sunlit Linen, Buttermilk, and Desert Sand. All these match me ish and I typically blend 2 or 3 together as I'm going from tan-ish to not tan at all. Right now my exact shade alone could be Temptress. I prefer to mix my colors either to bring out the brown in my skin or to create a most accurate or a preferrable shade. Sometimes you want to look a little warmer or darker then what you naturally are so it is great to play around with this palette for that purpose.

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  1. This would be perfect for makeup artists! Thanks for the swatches. :)