Friday, November 11, 2011

2 Looks, 1 Palette

I've been playing around with my Stila in the Light picture, and here are two looks I came up with.

Both can be played up or down, but as they exist in these pictures I would say one is more everyday, and the other dramatic. The brown neutral eye is the type of makeup I do most days for school. I feel so self-conscious about these pictures, especially the first one because that makeup was done for my face with glasses, and I just took the glasses off to give you a better look. But I do my makeup very differently when I'm wearing glasses, which I didn't realize until recently. The reason is simply because I have horrible sight and the only time I really get to see my face clearly is when I pop in my contacts. That's a real horror story for me haha, I always have to do full makeup or else I terrify myself. But with glasses, I can do more minimal makeup and it looks nice to me, whereas minimal makeup does not look nice on my face to me anyway, when I can actually see clearly haha. When I have done contacts makeup and then put my glasses on later when the contacts come off, the makeup looks so ridiculously drag-queen-like! So there is an important distinction between glasses makeup and no glasses makeup :)

Anyway, here is the first look. It's a nice simple neutral smokey-ish eye. I wouldn't call it full on smokey.
Look 1:

Eyeshadows used: 
Kitten as highlight
Gilded Gold all over lid and up to crease
Ebony in outer V

Look 2:

Eye shadows used:
Bare as highlight
Sunset all over lid and up high into crease
Ebony as outer V

So there you go! I know the last 2 are the exact same picture but I just thought it was funny to see the with flash and without flash :) Anywhoozies, I hope you enjoyed!

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