Sunday, January 15, 2012

MAC Redhead Mineralize Skinfinish

Hello everyone! Recently I stopped by MAC, and even though I really wanted to look at the MAC Naturally Collection, I did hold off because I knew I would end up buying it all. I set my sights on just 1 piece from the collection- Redhead MSF. I've been wanting the Brunette, Blonde, Redhead Collection to relaunch for forever because all those MSFS were gorgeous, as was the whole collection. Unfortunately for me I don't think they will ever relaunch the whole collection, or at least not the pieces all together, but they did at least release Blonde and Redhead MSFS (why no Brunette?! I wanted that one too). So I have for you here, Redhead. There are swatches galore, as well as pictures of me wearing it as blush (it can also be used as a highlight, or in any way your heart desires really). There are two different types of swatches- the strips individually, all the strips swirled together to make the blush I'm wearing in the pictures, and different combinations of the strips. Finally, I beg you forgive the messy handwriting on my skin accompanying the swatches! I was writing on skin after all :x

Each Strip Individually

Each Individual Strip and the colors all swirled together

Close-Up of All the Colors Swirled Together

Combinations of Strips Swirled Together:
First Two Strips| First Three Strips| Second & Third Strips| Last 3 Strips| Last 2 Strips 


Overall: Overall I like the Redhead MSF and don't plan on returning it, but I don't think it's a product you can't live without. It does emphasize pores a little, but it's a nice overall cheek product, and gives a nice glowy pinky-peach shine. I imagined it a little more bronzey- pinky, as opposed to peachy. Sorry if I uploaded too many pictures of myself, but I wanted to show Redhead in as many different ways as possible to give an accurate idea of what it looks like on the face. It's not a very obvious blush, it gives more of a hazy all over glowy cheek as opposed to a solid blush look. At $28 it is pricey (at least to me), but it's something I waited to reemerge for forever, so I don't regret buying it.

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