Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Deepest Darkest Desires...

Not really! But these certainly are a few things I wish I had :) 

My Christmas List:

I'm so happy that I got a big portion of what was on my list :) If you want to know what I received, check my post down below!

My Current Lusts (including of course what I didn't receive from the above list haha):

Mr. Bunny and Mrs. Bunny Sigma Synthetic Brushes! I want one in a travel size and one in a full size :)
The Beautyblender Sponge
Estee Lauder Maximum Coverage Foundation
Gold Glittery Flats (Esperaza from Call it Spring)
Fur Vest (specifically one from Pac Sun which I refuse to accept is now sold out)
MAC Mineralize Foundation
Z Palette
NARS Lovejoy Blush and Laguna Bronzer
MAC Reflects Antique Gold Pigment (So glittery!!)

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