Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Featured YouTube Guru: Fashionista804

Watching YouTube videos is one of my favorite past-times. I love watching them because I learn so much, and it is fascinating for me to see so many talented people literally create masterpieces with makeup. I'm not the most creative person when it comes to makeup, and watching videos gives me insight into so many looks I never would have put together on my own. I absolutely adore seeing gorgeous hair, gorgeous smokey eyes, gorgeous lips, everything just looking flawless. And I love to see how that gets created. 

So you can imagine my absolute delight when I stumbled upon Fashionista804's YouTube Channel. She. is. awesome. She is. She's cute, fun, doesn't take herself super seriously (but doesn't try really hard to be silly either like some gurus), and most importantly she's crazy talented. Her name is Sophia, and she is Korean-American and a MAC makeup artist (legit!). I believe she lives in California, and she just puts together a lot of gorgeous looks. She's the kind of girl you see on the street and you're like ! Her hair! Her nails! Her outfits! Her MAKEUP. How did she do that?! and take mental notes so you can look up everything you liked later. 

Her strengths: 
-Insane blending skills
-Great eye for color combinations
-Really helpful in terms of crease work technique, because she does a lot of crease work in every video
-Stylish OOTD videos AND OOTD MAC videos (crazy interesting to see how a MAC artist dresses for work!) 
-Friendly, nice, not irritating or grating (at least to me. She can be a little dramatic but in a way where it's just genuine quirkyness)
-Her nails are amazing. She always has some amazing glitter on them, or polka dots on one nail, or just mixes it up. It's the kind of thing where you try to glimpse what she's wearing on her nails because they look so amazing and bejeweled and beautiful, and there's just so much amazingness going on that you can't figure out exactly what it is she did or has on them, but you just know its amaze-balls. The shape is fierce, and they just always look so damn cool/glamorous/gorgeous
-She considers all skin tones and recommends products for deeper skin tones, like in her nude lips tutorial, or in her contouring tutorial, which is something I have rarely seen another guru do
-Ummm she dyed her hair red... and that's just awesome? Most people think a brunette (especially an asian girl) dyeing her hair such a bright color is insanity, but she's just one example of an asian girl who works it and looks fabulous! I take it as inspiration <3 (thinking of going red!)
-She actually sings really well. I prefer the little snippets of her singing at the end of makeup tutorials or during as opposed to the few videos she has of whole songs. It's just nice to hear a burst of "Oh shit she can sing"

So without further ado here I will paste in some of my favorite videos from her. I'll try to give you a sampling of a good variety of the videos she has on her channel. Definitely check her out!

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  1. She is one of my fav on YouTube. Her quirkiness is most definitely natural unlike some other gurus on YouTube like you said.