Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Secret to My Good Hair Days

Hello lovely readers! :) I have put together for you a hair tutorial today! Yes, it's true a tutorial, which I have not done in forever. I tried hard to capture the steps I take to get this hair, which was basically inspired by every gorgeous hair example we see in the media and culture- Victoria's Secret, the Kardashians, etc., etc. I've basically tweaked various things I've seen on YouTube and perfected the way I curl my hair, so without further ado I will show you what creates my favorite look and works the best for me.

Just for background: This is what my hair looks like typically (I usually wash it before bed and then it dries as I'm sleeping, and yes, I have heard that's bad for you). It's crazy wavy

On to the tutorial! First I comb out my hair and spray it with heat protectant

Then I begin my curling process: I gather up a good sized chunk of hair and smooth the surface by taking it from the top near the root and smoothing my 1 1/2 inch iron down my hair. I do this to both straighten the hair shaft and also to gather hair in the clamp. I glide the clamp downwards until about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way down, depending on how I'm feeling that day. I always curl my hair outwards, and that is why I always have the clamp facing up top, because if it were facing my hair I'd be curling it inwards.

Then I wind it up and wait a few seconds till I feel the hair has been heated and curled

I unwind that hair and move further down the surface of the hair until I'm near the bottom.

Then I rewind it, including the hair I previously curled, and new hair I've gathered in the clamp. I unwind one more time, and then gather all the hair, including the ends. I do this because it ensures all my hair gets curled, whereas if I just wrapped from the bottom up it wouldn't give me as bouncy and true of a curl

I hold the curl in my palm for a few seconds, allowing it to cool a bit, and release

Curl in this fashion for the rest of the hair on this side- leave the bangs untouched! You should have something that looks like this:

Repeat for the other side, always curling outward.
NOW for the bangs! Most girls will curl their bangs outwards, but I actually prefer to curl mine inwards (when I'm wearing my hair down the middle). It kind of gives it that Victoria's Secret look to me. Inwards sounds gross and like it would leave your hair shapeless and odd-looking but it's actually not completely just stagnantly inwards. It faces inwards but also in a way it swoops out (you'll see!)

Now we're left with this:

But don't worry! That's not the final look :) Just 1 last step- Shake it up lightly 

And get your sister to put her hand in the picture 

And then you get this!

& from the back:

So voila my friends! I feel like the bangs didn't turn out as good as usual today, but still, these are my methods! :) Here's one more pic of what my hair looks like on a better day (in my opinion better). 

The way your hair looks can vary slightly from day to day if you stick with one method like I do, but overall you get a pretty consistent look :) Hope you enjoyed!
More tousled (taken today)

More defined (less shaking hair upside down and more precise curling)

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  1. I think you've got beautiful hair,and I like the way you style it.
    You're pretty BTW.