Friday, March 9, 2012

Ardell 109 False Lashes

I've been really liking false lashes lately :) I'm really bad at putting them on to be honest. I have a pet peeve where I HATE if I'm watching a YouTube video and I can see someone's lashes are droopy at the outer corners because the lash is too long for the eye and the band is just kind of hanging at the outer part, or if the lash isn't close enough to the lashline for me to deem it "natural" looking. That's not weird right?! Anyway the point is, I kind of break my own rules haha because when I look back on my pictures where I'm wearing false lashes I'm always like meh!! Like in the pic down below, one of the inner corners is not quite on the lashline. IT'S SO NOTICEABLE! Grrr. Forgive me, lol. But anyway, with practice everything gets better and easier :)

So the false lash I bring to you today is the Ardell 109s! I really think it's important to put up posts showing how the lash looks on the eye because for me, it is so difficult to tell what a good lash would be, or one whose effect I would like on. Lately I've gotten a bit better at discerning what my style is. The wispie ones even though they look crazy in the package (to me) look so amazing on the eye! And I love a full style with a bit of length. I hate lashes that look really janky and drag queeny in the packaging. I realize that the lashes I tend to gravitate to are really pretty ones. Like, ones that look demure and full and beautiful in the box, not crazy (with the wispies being my exception!). I also like watching YouTube videos and jotting down the number or style of the lash someone is using if I really like how it looks on them or what it does for their eyes :) Just my tips! Anyway, onto the 109s.

Funny story about the 109s- they're actually my friend's! :) Yup, she bought them, and we put them on her and she just didn't like them for some reason! Crazy girl. Ahem she will read this post and know it is her I'm talking about hahaha. So she gave them to me! Without further ado I bring you the 109s. They're really nice and add fullness to the lashes and really make your eyes look bigger :) They cost $3.99 at a Beauty Supply Store in NYC! Hope this helps!


*I don't have a picture of my face wearing the lashes with my eyes open, but I included the one looking down so you can see the effect :) I think the next post I do will show me looking up with the lashes! So no worries, I just didn't like the way I was looking on this particular day haha


  1. these lashes look so gorgeous and quite natural but feathery. i love them!
    you look beautiful :)
    ayesha xx

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment! :) And I KNOW that's why I love them!! :D Glad you agree