Sunday, November 29, 2015

2 Beauty Products + 1 Accessory

Hello everyone! I have a mini shopping haul to share with you :) I only purchased three items but for me these days, that's a lot! Especially because they're mostly beauty/accessories, not real clothes. Here are the three trinkets I picked up. 

First I picked up this badass Morphe brush :) It says G3 so I'm assuming that's the name? I loved it at first sight because of the way this brush is shaped. It's a short, flattened, densely packed duo-fiber brush that has this amazing weight to it and nicely tapered, thick head. It's perfect for liquid and cream products.

Next I bought an old favorite I hadn't purchased in a while. This is Velour Lashes' Lash in the City. I used to love this lash, it was my ride or die. I got tired of it because I felt like every time I bought a new set, they looked different. Also, the hairs pull out super easy. Still, this is a GORGEOUS set thank God, so glad that my purchase paid off.

Finally I got a really cute lash set from Aldo, it's so sophisticated looking. I love gold, sparkle, and pave so this was a dream set for me. I'm bummed my camera wouldn't take a nice, focused shot of it. It's so dark and blurry looking... but this is the best out of all the photos I took of it. I love these ring sets and they're always so affordable for what you get.

Woohoo guys! So there's my tiny haul. I hope you liked seeing my purchases!

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