Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Styling Chokers - My Way

As I wrote about in a previous blog post, chokers are in. After staving off the trend for as long as I could, I realized that I actually started to want in. I continue to insist that I am no sheep, as it takes a lot for me to jump onboard with new trends. After all, in the '80s, it was trendy to wear bulky shoulder pads and waaay overdo it with the hairspray, and look how silly that was. That's why whenever a new fad breaks out, I take it with a grain of salt and judge it myself.

In this case, I was uninterested for a long time, mostly because of the lack of inspiration I was seeing in real life, street style, and social media. However, eventually that changed, and once I realized that I was devoting my free time to studying up on artful choker layering/styling, I realized I wanted to try the trend myself. So, after a highly selective process, I now possess four chokers and tried to get creative styling them individually and in combination. Let me know me what you think!

A double layered choker purchased from Aldo Accessories for $15

I layered another choker on top of the first choker, also made by Aldo Accessories, and still available on their website for $15. I actually loved how the choker combination looked with my hair up. Also, an off-the-shoulder top is great for accentuating your collar bone, making it perfect for playing up your choker. This one's from Brandy Melville.

It looks great tied from behind also! No strings to compete with the first look.

The same choker layered with a delicate lacey bralette - no brainer! This one's from Pac Sun.

Here's the string choker tied around my neck alone. I tried to tie it into a loose bow slightly off-center on my neck. Aldo also shows this way to style it on their website, which is much easier than trying to loop it:

I took a few more shots of the choker wearing tops with different necklines to show different ways of styling it. 

Beige Top: Forever 21 

Striped off-the-shoulder top: Brandy Melville 

Next I bought this really cute choker necklace ($9.99) from Pac Sun! It features a tiny gold skull that can be slid up and down the necklace, but obviously meant for the center. I chose a lacey halter bralette, also from Pac Sun to pair with it.

Halter from Pac Sun 

Plunging bodysuit from Pac Sun.

Tank top from Forever 21 an Quilted Cream Vest from Abercrombie 

Finally, I was gifted this beautiful choker from BaubleBar from someone special! It's so beautiful. The Galileo choker retails for $48, and is part of Shay Mitchell's Guest Bartender Capsule Collection with BaubleBar. It is absolutely stunning, and I can't help but feel I could have styled this piece in a more unique way. I decided to pair it with another lacey bralette, but I'm eager to expand my horizons.

Thanks so much for tuning into this post! I hope you liked the ways I styled these lovely chokers. :) I think they are very versatile and perfect for layering. Hopefully I can pick up the art of layering chokers like Lauren Elizabeth (and others) in my previous inspiration post!

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