Friday, June 17, 2011

Spotlight On: Forever21 Nail Polishes

A few weeks ago I went to Forever21 and found some amazing nail polishes. For a long time I didn't trust the beauty products at Forever because it's a clothing store, not a beauty store. I figured that their products were cheaply priced and cheap in quality, and felt that their area of expertise did not lie in cosmetics. Seeing as how I really haven't tested their makeup I can't dispute this entirely now, but having tried a few nail polishes I'm really quite pleased. Without further ado, the colors:

How gorgeous are they? The names respectively are silver, purple/blue, and indigo. Not too creative. All in all though a great deal, and for only $2.80 each! I'm very impressed. I must say though that while the rainbow and blue polishes went on quite well, I had some difficulty with the purple/blue. Sheer and clumpy. Little more temperamental then the others. Still, no reason not to scoop up a gorgeous polish when you see one, especially for such a reasonable price. I'm happy with all these. :) They're such fun colors!

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