Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Manicure :)

Last week, my cousin and I went to get manicures and pedicures! It was such a treat for me, because I've only ever gotten my nails done once in my life. I didn't go too crazy and get any designs or anything like that. I just love seeing the difference it makes to get your nails done by a professional! It looks sooo crazy even and your nails are so nicely shaped and it just feels so wonderful. Thanks Christina :) Best Birthday present ever!

I got my hands done in Lovie Dovie by Essie, and my feet (which I hate, just because they're feet and mine aren't particularly nice haha) in Cute as a Button by Essie.

The coral color in Cute as a Button isn't picking up too well on my camera, but I think I'm going to actually buy it! :) So maybe I'll put it on my nails and show the color in a future post.
Anyway, I hope you all like manicures as much as me! I know my cousin loves them :) She got this divine Essie orange color (can't remember the name for the life of me!) with China Glaze's white crackle on top, and it looked amazing!

Just like a Creamsicle ice cream confection haha! I'm already wanting to get another manicure but they are expensive ($15 adds up!) and I'm also so insanely shy. I feel weird getting people to service my hands and feet and always act apologetic and uncomfortable. :x I just do! I feel bad! So I probably won't go unless I have someone to go with haha, and if I have spare money lying around. :) Have a nice week everyone!

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