Thursday, July 7, 2011

Babyliss Pro Hot Rollers!

After seeing BentleyBlonde's video on the Babyliss Pro 20-varied Hot Rollers set a couple of weeks ago, I had to get them. I've always been fascinated by hot rollers, and the results seem uncomparable to those achieved by curling irons. So I bought these on for $40. There are eight large rollers, six medium rollers, and six tiny rollers.

There is an On/Off switch which I absolutely love. The only other hot roller set I have is my Conair More Big Curls (which I'm actually starting to like more, as the results have been sticking with the aid of Loreal's Elnett Hairspray), which I bought cheaply for $19.99 at Ulta, and does not come with an On/Off switch. 
These rollers heat up SUPER quick and get so hot! It's ridiculous! The More Big Curls Roller Set does not compare to this one in terms of functionality. The Babyliss Pro Rollers get really hot and set your hair well. I do have some qualms about these rollers though, which I will get to after the pictures. I've included photos (using my digital camera as well as my webcam) to show the various initial results I have gotten from using the Babyliss Rollers. You can achieve different effects depending on which of the rollers you use, how many you use, whether or not you use it on natural (in my case naturally wavy and crazy) hair or day-old hair or pre-straightened hair, and how long you keep them in for. Setting also obviously affects the way the curls come out. I have experimented with rolling them inwards, outwards, and a bunch of different ways, but none of these have really come out truly satisfactorily to me. It's rather frustrating, but I always feel that I can't achieve the results of the other girls I see using rollers on Youtube.

With that said, here are some pictures. Excuse the silliness ;)

 I didn't quite like the way the front of my hair came out. Don't ask me why. So I decided to see how it would look curled the other way. Just two rollers.

Initial results :/ Not loving how Shirley Temple and clumpy the curls are. Also it shortened my hair about four inches. I flopped my hair around and managed to give it some length. Also the curls naturally dropped quite a bit:

Horribly disgusting damaged hair. Just to show what I'm molding my hair from using the rollers so you can see the transformation.

However the results droop :( This volume and bounce doesn't last more then an hour and it deflates pretty quickly. The following was after a day of wear:

 My hair, using just the 8 jumbo rollers (had to stuff quite a bit of hair on each roller) on pre-straightened hair from the day before. This was in my opinion the nicest result.
 5 points for looking so cheerful! Haha. But this was also, my result when the day was over.

These rollers didn't quite achieve the effect I was going for any of the times I tried them. I wanted a gorgeous loose and gorgeous glamorous curl effect that curling irons just can't mimic, with added volume and bounce and just a good set. However my hair drooped after an hour each time even if the initial results are super curly and bouncy. And even then it's not what I want. It's too curly almost. I wonder if it's because of my natural uber-wavy texture that my hair takes curl so well.

I must say though that in all these photos, I did not use the hairspray I have now (Loreal Elnett Hairspray) and I have yet to experiment with whether or not using that before putting the rollers in would increase the longevity of my results. 

I do reccomend this product, but I cannot reccomend it for people with long hair, such as my own. If I could go back in time, I would not have purchased this product. I would have instead purchased the 30 roller set which has more large rollers, or purchased their 12 large roller set. The curls simply come out too defined and tight for my liking. For people with short to medium hair, I think this would be a nice set to own. For me though, I find that the tiny rollers are useless, and the medium ones practically are too. They create way too much curl, and I wanted volume and wave and some curl, as opposed to a head of tiny curls.

Today I decided to combine the largest of my Babyliss Rollers with a few of my More Big Curls Rollers, and found it to be a pleasing result, if not yet ideal. I also employed my Loreal Elnett Hairspray which kept the shape of the rollers nicely. I do reccomend you ignore my face in these pictures, as I openly acknowledge I look crazy :) Besides filling in my insanely sparse brows, I had no makeup on.

It's yet to be determined how much use I get out of these.

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