Friday, July 15, 2011

Eve Pearl False Lashes- 106

So about a month ago (maybe two months?) I blogged about my Eve Pearl haul! It was my parents' bday present to me, and I really appreciated it :) In my haul I wrote that I got two pairs of lashes. The first pair were 104s, but I kind of messed up with those and trimmed them weirdly so that they just looked odd and I never really got to wear them. I always end up ruining my lashes that way... must be more careful with my scissors :( Anyway, with that failure aside, I did end up wearing my 106s, and to my 21st birthday celebration too! It was a great night, and everyone commented on my makeup/lashes <3

I'm still not sure how I feel about them. I know I LOVE the way they look in the box, and the lashes are beautiful quality and gorgeously designed. Most lashes just look nasty and kind of spidery to me in their boxes, and I shudder at the thought of putting them on, but these were just like... glory. The heavens opened up and I heard music. But putting them on, I feel like it kind of closed up my lid space, which I already don't have enough. Maybe I would say I wouldn't entirely reccomend these for those with hooded lids, because then you really can't see the eyeshadow or lid, and hooded eye girls have enough problems with that already.

*DISCLAIMER: I got gold glitter clumped on top of the lashes because of my party makeup! Sorry!


From my birthday night, pictured with eye makeup

Pictured just with eyeliner

Excuse the weird gold clump! Glitter :x But it gives you an idea of how pretty these lashes are when you close your eyes or blink

Looking upwards it can be a little much. The lashes are very flared.

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