Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mini Haul!

I went to the mall the other day, not expecting to buy anything (and not wanting to either, God knows I'm not made of money and my funds are dwindling), but of course I found some really awesome stuff. So without further ado here is my little photo story of my shopping purchases!

This first item is really close to my heart. It's not something I bought, but I thought I'd include it because I received it the day I went shopping, and because it deserves recognition. It's a gift from a dear friend of mine who I love very much. I had received a Juicy Couture Starter Charm Bracelet for Christmas, but never had enough money to buy any charms for it. As a late birthday present he surprised me by sending me this adorable birthday cake charm. I LOVE it and I know it will always be my favorite charm both because of beauty and sentiment. :)

 Super cute nude patent flats from DSW! $39.95, by Steve Madden. The inside is pretty too- rose gold!

Photo Album from Urban Outfitters- $16

Me and one of my best friends at the beach! :)

Scored this awesome little jar of Mattifying Day Cream at the Body Shop for only $4! I'm loving it so far

Ahhhh pink tissue paper!!!! <3

Necklace I fell in love with at Urban! $29

Hope you liked! I know these aren't beauty posts, and I will keep the personal/fashion stuff to a minimum. I just feel like fashion and beauty are closely intertwined, and as such they complement each other. So I hope you enjoy these posts as much as the other ones. After all, variety is the spice of life!

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  1. pretty accessories. love your juicy couture bracelet! ;)