Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brandy Melville Haul!

I absolutely love the clothing brand Brandy Melville. I had seen the brand around on sites like Piperlime and Revolveclothing.com but I didn't know they had actual stores. I was walking in Soho with my cousin when we passed by a Brandy Melville and went in. It. was. heaven.

The store is amazing. It's beautiful. All the clothes are beautiful, and feel so luxuriously soft. It's a one size fits all type deal, and in my case, all the clothes really did fit. I picked up 6 things, and paid altogether $142. I know. Steep. At least for me, I never really go shopping, or if I do I buy one or two things not six. But the prices were so good I couldn't resist. The most expensive things were the 2 sweaters I bought, which totalled about $80. So not bad. 

Also there are no instructions on the labels of most of the clothing. Nothing about the material or how to wash it (which is a huge concern anyway because the clothes are so delicate and soft). So I contacted Brandy Melville through email and asked how to wash them. They responded within a day or 2, and I was glad to find out that you do not have to handwash these clothes!

Their response:

We are extremely glad of your purchase and the best way to wash the clothing would be in the washer with like colors, settings set to delicate and cold water and dry in low heat setting.  :)
Brandy Melville
contact@brandy melvilleusa.com 

Without further ado... my little preview of the clothes! I'm doing this because Brandy Melville's site doesn't have an online shopping section or that many pictures of the clothing, which really are divine. I paired all my tops with a basic pair of jean shorts from AE (bought last year). The clothes don't have names, so when I label them it's my own creation haha. Also, I'm approximating the prices. I lost my receipt even though I made sure to save it :( The last 2 prices are definitely correct though. Hope you enjoy!

* Sorry for the impossibly dirty mirror!!

1. Basic Tank in Taupe- $10

 2. American Flag Crop Top- $15

 3. Loose-cut T in peach pink- $13

4. Crop Tank w/stripes in peach- $13

 5. Drapey Cut Open Cardigan- $33

 6. Off the shoulder tunic- $48


  1. YAY, another Brandy Melville junkie! =) <3 I LOVE BRANDY, definetly could shop there all my life, I wouldn't need another store at all! :) I love love love all the tops you got, and my favorite would definetly have to be the striped cardigan, it looks so cozy and would be so perfect for when it gets cooler! :) if you love the soho store, you'll love the santa monica one! :o I was on vacation in NYC this past summer and begged my whole family to stop by Brandy on Soho, hehe, but the Santa Monica one is two times larger and filled with more and more Brandy! <3 Great haul!


    ps. discovered your blog through brandy melville's twitter :)

  2. Love the off the shoulder tunic! I live in the UK and recently visited there store in Kings Road. I hope you can check my blogpost on my haul at Brandy Melville!

  3. I love that American Flag crop top!!! Sadly over here it gets cold super fast so I don't see much of a point in splurging on crop tops when I only have a few weeks left to wear them.

  4. Yeah I also heard that Brandy Melville represents classic Italian trend elements, shared with vintage details. Whenever entering the Brandy Melville store, all customers feels relaxed and satisfying with the high quality varieties.

    Brandy Melville Tops

  5. i love brandy melville ! i just did a blog post about them http://fashionbylucyjane.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/brand-focus-brandy-melville.html

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