Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Essie Nail Polish- Tart Deco

I've pretty much decided I'm going to buy an Essie polish a week. As long as I can afford it anyway. So keep expecting these posts. Anyway, I bought Tart Deco, and although I like the color, it's SO bright! I thought it'd be more of a pretty muted down coral/peach. But it's more like a peach/orange. And it's like neon. It looks like an orange highlighter. I just wasn't prepared for that. But that is what it looks like, and don't think I just put too much on either. This was only two coats. I'm not going to comment on the ease of application for this polish, simply because I'm horrible at applying nail polish. For me, my first coat of Essie goes on disgustingly runny and sheer and my second coat goes on more opaque and solid. So yeah. I build up the nice-looking ness haha. Enjoy the pics!

This is legit how it looks! Funny enough, the webcam gives accurate lighting. It's Day-glo. Honestly.

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