Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eve Pearl Dual Performance Lip Color- Ultimate Palette

So two months ago I picked up the Eve Pearl Dual Performance Lip Color Ultimate Palette (what a mouthful!) along with some other things, and I really have loved it. It's been a really great product to have and I love getting ready in the morning and seizing this lip palette, hardly daring to believe that I can really pick any color I want to wear that day. Here are some photos, swatches, and at the end my pros and cons:

*Apologies for the messiness! These lipsticks do sweat (all cream products do!)

Above pictures w/ flash

No flash

Back of the palette

First Row: 201 Nude Beach, 202 Enchanted, 203 Love Story, 204 Pink Stiletto, 205 Park Ave. Rose, 206 Cha Cha

2nd Row: 207 Hollywood Affair, 208 Cherry Coke, 209 Amaretto, 210 Vamipre Kiss, 211 Blushed, 212 Minosa

3rd Row: 213 Skinny Dip, 214 Brown Sugar, 215 Hot Chocolate, 102 Baby Doll, 104 Stardust, 304 Climax

I really like this palette, and I would say it was one of my best purchases out of the haul. Here are the pros and cons:

Pros: Amazing Colors
         Real lipsticks, in a variety of finishes, although most can be built up to show opaque. A few are more like glazes, such as 304 Climax and 104 Stardust
         18 shades, with some being completely opaque and shimmer-less, and some with fine little glitters and shimmers in them
         Wonderful to travel with, 18 colors in one little palette

Cons: Some of the colors don't last very long, such as the glazes 
          Hard to reapply, because its not in tube form like it would be with a traditional lipstick, so I can't just whip out my tube and reapply mirror-lessly like I would with my lipstick (only with neutral ones though haha, def. have to be more careful with brights/darks and reds)
         You'll want to invest in a lip brush- the 2 minis included get the job done, but they are small and easy to lose, and sometimes they dirty up the palette with the remains of the lipstick on their bristles
         The vivid colors definitely last longer then the light/neutral ones- this is true in most cases, and unfortunately not an exception with this palette
           Generally I find that the color I start off with at the beginning of the day is gone by the middle :( 

Overall I like this palette, but it's really more of just a sampler. The result of buying this is me being introduced to Eve Pearl lipsticks, and wanting to buy a few of my own now. My favorite colors are Park Ave Rose, Pink Stiletto, Love Story, Enchanted, Climax, and Baby Doll.

If anyone wants photos of some of the lipsticks on me, an actual person, to see how they look on the lips, just comment! I'm not guaranteeing I'll do all 18, at least not in one go, but I'll give it my best shot.


  1. The palette is not bad at all. They look very pigmented.

  2. Thanks for such a thorough blog. You've convinced me to by.
    Sydney, Australia